Virtual Moon Ritual Collective


Leanna, of Clarity + Calm, and I have been setting up Virtual Rituals to coincide with the New and Full Moons.  These rituals are easy in which to participate, and done from the comfort of your own home.  We set a date/time to “meet,” everyone takes part in a guided meditation written and led by Leanna through her Clarity + Calm Facebook page, and then we use the same tarot/oracle spread, created by me.  Each ritual has a theme that we base the meditation and spread around.  Though we set a date/time to meet based on the moon, anyone can use the spreads or meditations at any time.  The idea is to come together “virtually” to harness the energy of the moon and the group, and learn what lessons we can at that time.  It’s simple, collective, and — in my experience — powerful.

We organize the rituals through Instagram, but this page will be a collection of our past rituals, in case you would like to access them in the future.  The virtual rituals are open to anyone and are free.  We have a closed group Facebook page as well; comment on this page or message me on Instagram if you want to be invited!  Check out our Instagram pages for more info (Leanna, me).  You can also track the hashtags #newmoonvirtualritual, #fullmoonvirtualritual, and #supermoonvirtualritual to see everyone’s beautiful photos.

March 12 Full Moon in Virgo ~ accessing our intuition

Full Moon meditation for Intuition with Leanna.


February 26 New Moon in Pisces ~ using creativity and inspiration for intentions

New Moon in Pisces meditation with Leanna.


February 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo ~ showing up for one’s true self

Lunar eclipse meditation with Leanna.


Before you start to shuffle, pull out your deck’s Strength card (associated with Leo) and place it in position 5.  If using an oracle deck, pull a Strength card from another tarot deck, or pull an oracle card that represents Strength to you.

  1.  Message from my inner child.
  2.  Message from my present self.
  3.  Message from my higher self.
  4.  What ego pattern(s) must I dismantle right now?
  5.  Your deck’s Strength card.
  6.  How can I share more of myself with the greater world?
January 27 New Moon ~ exploring the wild, inner universe

Body scan meditation with Leanna.


January 12 Full Moon ~ self-love

Self-love meditation with Leanna.


  1.  In what areas of my life am I dimming my light?
  2.  How can I best bolster my heart?
  3.  Message from the High Priestess to my heart.
  4. 5. 6.  How can I integrate more self-love into my daily life?
November 29 New Moon ~ becoming a channel for wisdom

Becoming a channel for wisdom meditation with Leanna.


  1.  What wisdom do I know intuitively, but may be suppressed?
  2.  What am I encouraged to explore?
  3.  What distractions are cluttering the heart of this wisdom?
  4. 5. 6.  How can I turn this wisdom into brave action?
November 14 Super Full Moon ~ loving kindness

Loving Kindness meditation with Leanna.


  1.  What unique gifts do I bring to the table at this time?
  2.  Where should I focus these gifts?
  3.  What can soothe my spirit at this time?