The Beginnings of a Summertime Bucket List

Lake Michigan Sunset

Photo by Kevin Dooley

Since I’m going back to Rochester Hills, Michigan (and my parents’ house) for the summer, I forsee a lot of boredom. Growing up, Rochester was like a prison — my high school friends and I constantly complained there was nothing to do and nowhere to go, which led to secretly drinking in many-a basement. I resented my hometown when I was 16 years old, and part of me still does. However, when I was home over Christmas, I realized that Rochester (and the state of Michigan for that matter) isn’t all that bad, as long as you know where to look.

Keeping that in mind, I’m making a Bucket List for my Summer… I guess it’s not really a Bucket List, but more like a Wish List. Basically, it’s a list that is going to keep me from going insane this summer…for as long as my wallet holds out, that is. Anyway, here is what I have so far (in no particular order)…

  • Learn how to make a good martini
  • Learn how to hit a baseball (my mother says this is a great way to meet hot guys, ha.)
  • Learn how to hit a golf ball
  • Buy pastels from the local art store and attempt to fill a sketch book
  • Finally go to The Painted Pot in Rochester and learn how to work with clay
  • Re-read some of the books on my bookshelf
  • Figure out how to circumvent the massive library fees on my library card
  • …and learn how to use the library responsibly
  • Learn how to cook (with my mama!)
  • Find a decent coffee shop (where I won’t often run into people I know) and go there to “write my novel”…or try to write it
  • Frequent Stoney Creek Metro Beach and take advantage of their bike paths and canoe service
  • See as many 4th of July fireworks displays as possible
  • Buy a tent and go camping whenever I can
  • Take at least one trip to the Upper Peninsula with said tent
  • Go to AT LEAST one Tigers game (the Detroit baseball team!)
  • Explore bars in Detroit (with help of my friend, Jameson, a Dearborn native)
  • Take a road trip to Toronto, Canada
  • Spend (at least) one weekend up north at my family’s cottage in Gaylord, MI
  • …and when there, canoe the Au Sable River
  • Take a trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit my friend Joy
  • Go to Cedar Point
  • Take a training/obedience class with my dog, Cooper
  • Take Cooper for frequent walks and adventures
  • Learn how to play a new instrument
  • Visit Lake Michigan. Often.
  • Finally climb that huge dune at Sleeping Bear Dunes

So, there ya have it. And this is just the beginning, folks. I know that this list is already pretty long, but hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish some of the stuff. I hope to explore Rochester, Michigan and the Midwest area as much as possible this summer. Who knows where my adventures will take me! … Hopefully far.

Have any suggestions for my summer? Want to come along on any adventures? Leave a comment!

Until next time…