Tarot Thursday Three: March 2, 2017

Hey all!  Another week I’m behind on the prompts…. Sometimes the days just get away from us, eh?  This week, Julia also shared a really cool spread by Kimberly, @fablesden, entitled “A Tarot Spread for a Tarot Reader.”  Here, I answer the blogging questions, and include my pulls for this spread.

1.  What was it that initially sparked your interest with Tarot? 

As previously recounted, I was formally introduced to tarot at a costume party.  I purchased my own first deck shortly thereafter, but didn’t dive in to the hobby until years later.  I remember I was in Edinburgh on a solo trip, I had just purchased some crystals while in London at the Natural History Museum… I had a lot of time on my hands… And I guess it must have been the magical feel of the city, but the metaphysical was on my mind.  In Edinburgh, I purchased a labradorite ring, and not long after being home, I purchased my first working deck, The Wild Unknown.  I cannot recall what exactly pushed me to do this, really.  Maybe it was the striking art of the deck, to be honest.  But I’m not sure how I even really came upon the deck… I should look back in my journals and see if I wrote down my actual logic……

2.  Is it what you expected it to be and if not, in what ways were your expectations defied?

Yes and no.  I guess my initial exposure to tarot made it seem really mystical.  When watching the tarot reader at the costume party, she was getting shocked reactions from the people she was reading for.  People she didn’t even know!  She read the tarot very intuitively and I got the sense that she had never actually “studied” tarot, but it was just something her parents exposed her to and she just kind of knew.  I hoped my experience would be like that — HA! — and so in that way, my expectations were defied.  While I’m regularly bowled over by the readings I do and receive, I’ve learnt that tarot is more a reflective tool than a tool with inherent magical powers.  They are, after all, just cards.

3.  How do you primarily use Tarot? I.e. for divination, self-reflection, analysis, shadow work, ritual or something else?

My tarot work, at this time, is primarily reflective work.  I like to use the tarot for guidance and for analysis of what is going on in my daily life.


And now, my spread.

1.  Why do I want to read for others?  VII of Swords.  To help others see the paths laid out before them.  To help others analyze the energies of what is going on in their life and to make an informed decision of what happens next.  To help others see the risks/benefits of putting a plan into action.

2.  What is my biggest strength as a tarot reader?  VIII of Pentacles.  There is a pride and love that I have for this kind of work.  I’m honored that people come to me and find value in what I have to share with them.  I view this work as a process of discovery for myself, while shining a light for others on their own path.

3.  What are some negative attitudes or beliefs that may hinder me as a reader?  II of Wands.  While the two of wands is about making a choice, and boldly following my bliss, as an answer to this question I feel the reversed aspects of this card are applicable.  Second guessing myself, comparing myself to others…

4.  How can I continue to grow and improve as a tarot reader?  The World.  Continue on the cyclic journey of learning; there is always more to learn and improve upon.  Enjoying the journey, and finding ways to learn in new places.

5.  How does my practice help me grow as a person?  Knight of Cups.  Tarot reading, and especially reading for others, helps me to get in touch with my intuition and to trust the softer sides of myself.  I do not like to feel vulnerable, but when you are putting your work out there, for others to purchase, it is an extreme exercise in vulnerability.  It helps me to feel out my emotions, to share my concepts and ideas that do not otherwise have an outlet.

At the time of publishing, Julia’s is the only other #tarotthursdaythree post that I’ve seen!

What sparked your interest in tarot?  Did your expectations change as you went along?  Did you try out this spread?  Did you make a post this week?  Let me know all about it in the comments below!

exploringly yours,
Alaina x

Tarot Thursday Three: January 26, 2017

Phew!  Like others have noted, where does the time go?  Wasn’t it just last Thursday?  I suppose between last Thursday and this Thursday we live in an entirely new world with you-know-who’s inauguration and all the ensuing political and social justice fallout…… *cough* Anyway, that’s another topic that I have been, and will continue to, explore on this blog.

But now, the fun stuff!  Another #tarotthursdaythree, hosted by Julia with questions from Vanessa (links at the end).  As I was reading the questions I couldn’t help but notice there are eight this week instead of three (hehe).  Here we go!…..

1.  What was your first time like giving an in-person reading?  Where were you?  How did you feel?  Spill the deets!

Well, the first time I read for someone other than myself, I read for one of my best friends.  I read for Hilary, who I met my freshman year of college — we lived on the same floor.  She was visiting for the weekend and had seen me and my cards on Instagram and asked for a reading.  I was armed with my trusty The Wild Unknown, crystals, and, like Vanessa, my guidebook.  I hadn’t been reading for very long at this time, but I was keen to try it out with friends (and now, typically, I do a reading for each of my besties when we’re together).  Anyway, that experience wasn’t that great (nerves!!  awkwardness!!) but it was fun and my friend seemed to get something out of it.  Though I’m still pretty terrible at in-person readings, I’m working on it.  The photo below is from that day — the 7 of swords and 5 of swords in one reading?!  To this day, two of my least favorite cards to interpret.  Oh, and since Vanessa asked, we did this reading in my bed (if that wasn’t already clear :)).

2.  Have you ever had a negative client response to one of your readings?  How did they react and why?  How did you respond back?

I have not.  I mostly do my readings online and, like others, have received no feedback at all, but haven’t had anyone disgruntled.  One person asked for further clarification, and, when given, was perfectly happy.  When reading in person with my friends, it’s more back-and-forth, conversation-like, so we hash out anything that doesn’t make sense.

I will say that since starting to read for others, I realize how valuable feedback is.  I’m one of those people that just kinda forgets to send feedback, or would send something like “oh that really resonated, thanks!”  But now I understand how helpful and validating feedback can be, so I’ve been making more of an effort there.

3.  Have you ever been challenged by a skeptic regarding tarot?  What was your experience like?

Hmm, not really.  My mom doesn’t super support tarot, so we just kind of don’t discuss it.  After seeing my Instagram for the first time, my coworkers will sometimes ask “so what’s this tarot thing?”  Like Dianna, I explain primarily how tarot is about archetypes and themes, and avoid the other woo-woo stuff.  My partner was uninterested for the longest time, but recently asked for a reading (his first!).  So, generally, everyone’s a skeptic, in my opinion, just because they don’t really know/understand what tarot is all about.  But I haven’t encountered any nasty behavior because of tarot.

And that’s it!  Make sure to check out these other posts *at the time of publishing*…





Did you answer these questions?  Did I miss your post?  Let me know below.  Otherwise, feel free to answer in the comments.  Until next Thursday!

exploringly yours,
Alaina x