For the Love of Grilled Cheese

Growing up, I was never a fan of grilled cheese. My mom never made them and for some reason(s), which I now consider blasphemous, I found melted processed cheese between two slices of bread absolutely disgusting. I was young and unwise.

However, this year, living completely on my own with a limited number of restaurants to choose from, I revisited this staple of so many American youth, and this time, with a different perspective.

I broadened my mind and told myself, “It won’t be so bad!”

I approached my first self-made grilled cheese with trepidation. I wasn’t sure how long I should cook it, and just cheese seemed boring. So I sliced up a tomato, cucumber and green onion and stuck those in there, too. After careful observation, and about 10 minutes on the stove, I had in my hands my very first self-made grilled cheese.

And it was delicious.

Tonight, I made a grilled cheese with cucumber and some ranch dressing for dipping (thanks, Mom and Dad for sending that along!).

Mmmmmm, delicious!

I wasn’t disappointed.