Four Aces

The first exercise in the Alternative Tarot Course Week 2 is all about the aces.

Beth Maiden writes, “Pull out the four ace cards from your deck and lay them out in front of you.  What doors might be opening here, what sort of thing might each ace be suggesting you do?  How might you best take advantage of these opportunities?”

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daily tarot cards: Ten of Cups, Six of Wands

A Note on Shuffling

Yesterday and today’s cards are repeaters.  My shuffling used to be more complicated and, in the grand scheme of things, time consumingly silly.  I have settled into a simple way of selecting cards that I feel cuts down the chance of incidentally turning up a repeater for myself.  Now, I simply overhand shuffle my deck nine times, fan the cards out in one hand and randomly select a card.

Since I’ve been blogging/tracking my daily cards (on December 31, 2018), I’ve had a number of repeating cards.  They have all repeated one time (at this point), and below is the order in which I received the repeats.

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daily tarot card: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune
wheel of fortune, morgan greer tarot

One thing I’ve always loved about this particular depiction of the Wheel of Fortune, is the implication of enjoyment between the crowned pair.  The male figure appears to be smiling and cheering his beverage, and while the reader cannot see the female figure’s face, the pair has a dancing posture.  They seem completely unconcerned with the figure who has fallen off the Wheel and out of the frame.

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daily tarot cards: Two of Wands, Three of Cups, Ace of Wands

two of wands
two of wands, morgan greer tarot

January 13 & 14, 2019

Fun story:  I pulled the two of wands on Sunday, January 13.  Afterward, I “reset” my deck by sorting the suits and major arcana in order and let it rest overnight.  The next morning, I shuffled and pulled my daily card and got the two of wands again.  Another repeating card!  (Continue reading this post for yet another repeater…)

The two of wands shows a figure looking off toward the left field of the card.  To the left, the reader can see another wand and a hand holding onto it.  The main figure holds in their right hand a sphere, which may be a crystal ball, and there is a protective shield adorning their left arm, lending an earthy energy to the card.  Wands typically relate to a “creative” fire; I get more of an adventuring vibe from this card.  I am wondering of what they are thinking as they look at, and through, the crystal ball, toward their adventuring partner.

The two of wands is an invitation.  It comes just after the ace of wand, the spark of the fiery suit.  It’s the planning and contemplation, the first steps of the journey.  The crystal ball relates to the suit of air.  I could see the figure using it to reflect and explore their feelings around the upcoming journey.  The figure is on a journey to becoming themselves and realizing dreams along the way.

three of cups
three of cups, morgan greer tarot

January 15, 2019

My other repeater — I pulled this card on December 31, 2018.  This week, the relation of the three of cups to major arcana III, the Empress, came to the forefront.  How can I receive the good stuff from community?  How can I open up more to myself and to others?

On this day, I started Yoga with Adriene’s “Dedicate — A 30 Day Yoga Journey.”  There is a cultivated and everyday magic to this card and I feel that reflected in my dedication to my at home yoga practice.

ace of wands
ace of wands, morgan greer tarot

January 16, 2019

[The suit of wands in the Morgan Greer is officially named “rods,” but I still call it wands *shrug*]  I really like the earth element present in this fire card.  The wand itself is a large, leafy branch that comes out of the sky over a large forest.  There is a sense of pride radiating from this card acting as a strong support for the Seeker.  This ace is the beginning of a thrilling suit.  What creative and crazy adventures await?

“Potential is the kingdom of all beginnings.” — Notes from the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

I am blogging my experiences here with Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course which asks students to draw a card each day, reflect on it, complete weekly readings, and other assorted exercises.

daily tarot cards: Six of Wands, the Lovers

six of wands
six of wands, morgan greer tarot

January 11, 2019

The six of wands acts as an anchor.  It’s seen as a celebratory card, and I agree that it is a sign of something gone “right.”  However, it comes (just over) midway through the journey of the wands, and so it is not a culminating card.  With the five of wands, the Seeker has overcome a struggle and brought something in to alignment.  Here, the six of wands reminds us we’re doing alright, but we’re not quite there yet.  It says, be your own best bet, baby.

the lovers
the lovers, morgan greer tarot

January 12, 2019

The Lovers can be an awkward card to read.  I mean, look at it — there are two beautiful, naked folks on this card, and the symbolism is very sensuous.  Is tarot telling me I’m about to get laid?  Short answer: no (but, like, fingers crossed amiright).

Long answer: I read this card as not about someone else, an external force.  Tarot is outside of my love life and all about me-myself-and-I.  I see this card as urging me to explore places where I am experiencing duality.  Coming in the major arcana as card six, it is the first card that openly addresses the Seeker’s physicality.  As such, the Lovers asks me to check in with my spiritual AND physical bodies.  What do they need?  Where can I give a little more?

Since January 5, when I did my last card progression check in, I’ve pulled: ten of wands, nine of pentacles, four of swords (twice!), ten of cups, six of wands and the Lovers.  I feel a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection and specifically seeking a balance there.  Interesting, as I am pushing myself to commit to a 30-day at home yoga practice starting tomorrow.  Hmm!  Time to set some serious intentions methinks.

I am blogging my experiences here with Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course which asks students to draw a card each day, reflect on it, complete weekly readings, and other assorted exercises.  I fell behind this week with the weekly exercises (worked lots of overtime…!) so I will be continuing with week 2 this week.