For the Love of Grilled Cheese

Growing up, I was never a fan of grilled cheese. My mom never made them and for some reason(s), which I now consider blasphemous, I found melted processed cheese between two slices of bread absolutely disgusting. I was young and unwise.

However, this year, living completely on my own with a limited number of restaurants to choose from, I revisited this staple of so many American youth, and this time, with a different perspective.

I broadened my mind and told myself, “It won’t be so bad!”

I approached my first self-made grilled cheese with trepidation. I wasn’t sure how long I should cook it, and just cheese seemed boring. So I sliced up a tomato, cucumber and green onion and stuck those in there, too. After careful observation, and about 10 minutes on the stove, I had in my hands my very first self-made grilled cheese.

And it was delicious.

Tonight, I made a grilled cheese with cucumber and some ranch dressing for dipping (thanks, Mom and Dad for sending that along!).

Mmmmmm, delicious!

I wasn’t disappointed.


Random, but somewhat notable.

Just so you know: if you type “I can remember standing by the wall” into, my blog, namely, the entry entitled “I, I can remember standing by the wall” comes up as the third result! Neat-o, eh? Try it out!

Also important: I have decided to spend the summer in Rochester Hills, Michigan! It’s not quite official yet, since I don’t have my ticket, but I’ll be there. I’m flying from Vienna to New York City and then spending the weekend in NYC with my mom and sister. Could there be a better way to end my year abroad than by spending it in New York City? The answer you’re looking for is “No.” Now I just have to find a job…

Not much else to say these days. Spent the weekend all alone in Bad Aussee because I had no money (and it got SO BORING by the end) and there is some snow on the ground today (Grr.). Today, I have my Class From Hell again, so I’ll let you all know how it goes! Hopefully today will be over QUICK. I need to go grocery shopping – yay Pay Day!

Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all and can’t wait to see you in 11 weeks or so.


Life, oh Life!

Today has been an interesting day. After having a great class in the morning and OK class in the middle of the day, I was oh-so-happy to end my day with the WORST CLASS I HAVE EVER HAD. I’ve had these kids nearly every week since I started, but they’ve never really warmed up to me.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve had the whole class together (it usually splits in two) two times a week. So, today, while the kids refused do what I specifically asked them to and they talked back to me, the teacher sat there and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, she seems to think it’s funny when the kids don’t pay attention and talk among themselves. It was wonderful.

On my walk home, I decided, once and for all, that I never want to be a teacher. Sure, I love teaching the classes full of kids excited to learn, who ask questions and listen when I talk (like the class I started my day with), but the bad classes, full of little shits, just ruin everything. Today has even led me to question whether I want to stay in this position next year, (that is, if I’m offered a job). Anyway, I’m going to have to give these kids a verbal beat-down auf Deutsch when I have them next week — nothing else has worked.

Further, to make this day better, I received an email from a hotel that I thought would hire me (Frankie had referred me, and is working there this summer). Turns out, they have nothing to offer me. So, it’s looking more and more likely I’ll be home in Michigan this summer, which, thankfully, is also seeming less and less horrible.

I’ll admit: I miss Michigan. I miss my family and friends and dogs. I miss having money in my bank at the end of each pay cycle. I want to have a place/home that I will live in for  more than 8 months and I want to start a “real life.” But I know most of these sentiments will change once a plan of action is in place — so functions my tiny, flighty, fickle brain.

Blah. Just blah. It’s one of those days where I question everything going on in my life. Maybe one of these days, everything will make sense and there will be a big lightbulb and angels singing. Until then, you’ll get to read about all of my messes here. 🙂


Weenie Dogs and the Weekend

Have you ever seen a Dachshund (or, wiener dog) running straight towards you at full speed? Today, as I was walking home from school, I experienced just this. The standard sized Dachshunds stand between 8-11 inches (20-28 centimeters) and are about 27-31 inches (68-79 centimeters) long, (thus, the nickname wiener dog, hotdog dog or weenie dog because of their resemblance to a sausage). So you can imagine how tiny their legs are in comparison with their body. Seeing one of these pups sprint towards you is humorous. And I laughed for a good 5 minutes on my walk home.

Anyway, it is now officially my weekend. Since I have previously stated that I never work here in Bad Aussee, I thought I’d quantify it for you: this week, I worked 7 of my 13 scheduled hours. Yup. Do you think I could somehow be a professional teaching assistant for the rest of my life?…

Happy weekend!


Spring has arrived, my friends!

What is it about springtime that makes everyone so happy? I can’t help but feel that there is promise in the air all around me. And the birds know it, too; they are constantly singing!

On my walk home from school, I not once slipped on ice or trudged through snow.

The river that I cross twice daily has swollen and turned a murky green from melted snow run-off.

The smell of the fresh breeze is intoxicating.

The sky is cloudless, the sun is beating down incessantly and I’m excited.

Though, I am going skiing this weekend. How is that for a contradiction? But, there will still be plently of snow on the slopes, and the snow will be shining – which is the perfect skiing weather! Hopefully I’ll get a tan.

I hear that Michigan/the Midwest still has a ton of snow on the ground. Ha ha, suckers!


ps, After I write an article about Budapest that I’m going to attempt to get published, I’ll post an entry here about my weekend! So, by the end of the week… hopefully. However, the pictures are up on Facbeook – check ’em out!