daily tarot cards: Ten of Cups, Six of Wands

A Note on Shuffling

Yesterday and today’s cards are repeaters.  My shuffling used to be more complicated and, in the grand scheme of things, time consumingly silly.  I have settled into a simple way of selecting cards that I feel cuts down the chance of incidentally turning up a repeater for myself.  Now, I simply overhand shuffle my deck nine times, fan the cards out in one hand and randomly select a card.

Since I’ve been blogging/tracking my daily cards (on December 31, 2018), I’ve had a number of repeating cards.  They have all repeated one time (at this point), and below is the order in which I received the repeats.

Together, I read a redemptive journey for the Seeker.

ten of cups
ten of cups, morgan greer tarot

January 18, 2019

This was a beautiful card to receive on a Friday; and it was definitely a pleasant Friday at work, as far as work days go.  This card is a reminder of the gifts we receive in life, from God, from others, from ourselves, however joy, love, imagination, connection finds us.  This card is a promise that “life brings happiness and not just an absence of pain” (Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, 194).  It’s a reminder that one must step up and take one’s place in the dancing dream of life.

six of wands
six of wands, morgan greer tarot

January 19, 2019

I am again thinking of how the Six of Wands is considered a victory card, when it comes in the middle of the suit and how the Wands end in overburden.  I wonder how much pride gets in the way in this suit, how ignorance can get out of hand, how one can easily get caught up in one’s own narrative and lose sight of the bigger picture.  I’m thinking of Game of Thrones and how everyone seems concerned with winning the Iron Throne and is unaware of the true threat to Westeros, the White Walkers, to the North.  (Probably because I just watched the teaser four time in a row…)  I’m thinking of Hermione and her constant need to be right and how Harry and Ron temper her obstinance.  Optimism and a belief in oneself will carry one as far as is needed, but it’s important to not let it veer into toxic pride.

I am blogging my experiences here with Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course which asks students to draw a card each day, reflect on it, complete weekly readings, and other assorted exercises.

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