daily tarot card: Ten of Cups

ten of cups
ten of cups, morgan greer tarot

The ten of cups is easily recognizable as one of the most joyous cards of the tarot.  On a cursory glance, the bliss does radiate from this card and I really love this interpretation (hell, let’s be honest, I love the Morgan Greer period).

As a ten, this card is the pinnacle of the cups pip journey.  The Fool has gone from the faint inkling of a fledgling emotion to actualizing the full emotional spectrum.  The two of cups is generally considered the “soulmate” card, but the ten of cups is better at covering the depth and breadth of love.  This depiction in particular conveys a sense of teamwork, a bond between two folks, be it loving or friendship; whatever it is is a deep, intimate bond.  Yeah, this is love, this is family, but also this is the unlikely Fellowship of the Ring, know what I mean?  It’s folk who have come together, for whatever reason, and share a special bond, of mutual trust and respect.

This card is also about a lust for life.  It’s about seeing where that river runs, walking among that forest, sharing a drink with your people, chasing the rainbow.  It’s having a conversation with a coworker that’s not about work, preparing a meal for loved ones, it’s exploring, changing, creating, knowing.

While this card is of cups and therefore “watery” and emotional, I also get a strong earthy vibe from the forest and mountains in the background.  There are the two folks sharing a psychedelic beverage, marauders celebrating a victory.  It’s a very rooted and stable emotionality portrayed here.

I took the ten of cups’ message to work with me today.  I always think of the mutual transaction of relationships when this card shows up, how it takes two.  One of the nicest moments was when a coworker thanked me for chatting with her about her recently passed pet companion.  I ended it with my bestie on my couch, with my cat, chatting about our upcoming weddings.  It was a damn good day.

I am blogging my experiences here with Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course which asks students to draw a card each day, reflect on it, complete weekly readings, and other assorted exercises.

Author: Alaina

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