daily tarot card: Ten of Wands

ten of wands
ten of wands, morgan greer tarot

This figure in the ten of wands carries a heavy load; they’re trying to accomplish a lot in one go.  This card implies that sharing the load or cutting the load down would be useful.  What can I release?

The ten of wands is a good reminder for someone like me who just wants to do it all, and do it all in one go.  It’s like a massive to do list, and being anxious and amped and just wanting it ALL DONE.

This card really is a call out, a reminder to seek balance, to not storm through and steamroll over everyone else and their plans and ideas.  It reminds me that its alright to do a little bit at a time, focusing my energy instead of spreading it thin.

I am blogging my experiences here with Beth Maiden’s Alternative Tarot Course which asks students to draw a card each day, reflect on it, complete weekly readings, and other assorted exercises.

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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