Cry, Babe, Cry

At our last session with our therapist, my partner and I were challenged to cry with one another.  The therapist suggested we put on a sad film, and (1) feel in our body where the emotion of “sadness” starts, and (2) shed tears with one another.  We decided to watch This Is Us, a family drama tv show, one I had already watched before, and cried at on my own.  A tv show works well for us because we don’t have much relaxing time together.  Andy liked the first episode, and we both had a little tears, so we’re sticking with it and we’ll see where it goes from here…

But the day after that therapy session, I did a tarot spread for myself that I had found on Sammy’s blog, Spirit and Saga.  Her post talks about how her inability to cry led her to feeling stagnant creatively, and vice versa.  This peaked my interest, as while I am not feeling particularly stagnant creatively, I wondered how the release of my emotions could contribute to my creative productivity, and help me to write my novel.  She provided the following spread.


The positions are:

  1. Block.  What’s in your flow’s way?  What is the root issue that blocks you from feeling?
  2. Action.  What action can you take to overcome this block?  What release work can you try now?
  3. Affirmation.  What advice does the Universe have for you?  What can you keep in mind while feeling and releasing?

My responses were pretty interesting, and are shown below.


  1. Block.  Eight of Wands.  Well, this card isn’t one I would traditionally think as a blocking card.  This card is about forward action, it’s about movement, inertia, results.  And perhaps that is my exact downfall at this time.  I’m concerned with moving from place to place, solving the problem and moving on to the next.  I’m working on writing my novel, and sometimes that takes precedence over all things.  The warning inherent is this card is of being too aggressive, of ignoring the need for balance, of not sitting and settling with the emotional experience.  And I feel that is exactly the answer to this question.  As an Aquarius/swords-y person, I tend to brush over emotions.  A lesson that came in the next week after pulling this spread, is that it’s ok to sit with the hurting emotions, it’s ok for things to not be immediately perfect.  And I think this card here reflects that.
  2. Action.  Three of Wands.  This is kind of a weird card to me.  I almost feel as if it’s unnecessary, but when looking at in within the context of the two of wands and four of wands, it’s meaning is more clear.  Quite simply, this card is about growth and perspective.  It is the leverage that takes the dreams of the two of wands to the stable positioning of the four of wands.  Here, it tells me to take a step back, to look at the larger context of my emotional experience.  That larger context is, perhaps, how my emotional tides can affect my creative productivity.  In the Hudes Tarot (which is the deck I used here), the three of wands talks of looking inward for strength.  The woman pictured appears lost in thought, as she picks up the fallen wand.  While I believe inward contemplation is necessary, the three of wands in general has an expansive meaning, growing in potential and perspective so that I can contextualize my emotional experience.
  3. Affirmation.  Eight of Swords.  Another eight.  This card does not feel like an affirmation from the universe, it feels like a warning of what could happen if I don’t reel in the eight of wands energy from card one.  Though the eight of swords is basically a prison, it reaffirms to me that I can break out of it.  My emotions need not be a prison, my emotions need find a flow, a flow between emotion and expression, creatively and emotionally.

As if this spread didn’t give me enough food for thought, the same day I did this spread, I received a reading from Ashley over at Moon & Lioness, shown below.


I asked her to read on my creative endeavor, my in-progress novel.  What struck me most about Ashley’s reading for me was the connection she drew between my relationship and my creative work (from the two of vessels mostly).  She wrote of finding a balance, of taking inspiration from my relationship.  She emphasized participation with my full heart in my life, and thus, in my novel.

That all of the fiery imagery in Ashley’s reading for me, and my own reading with the fiery wands, happened on the same day tells me that my creativity, my relationship, my emotions, my tears are inherently linked.  It tells me that what happens in one part of my life is inexorably linked to another part.  My emotions are not a prison, my emotions are part of the flow of creativity.  Such a big, morphing message to integrate into my practice!

What a day for all of these thoughts to ruminate!  Happy full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius, my friends.

Do you have any problems embracing your emotional flow?  What happened *when* you embraced your emotional flow?  How do you relate your emotions and creativity?  Have you every used Sammy’s spread (highly recommend!)?  Let me know in the comments.

exploringly yours,
Alaina x


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

6 thoughts on “Cry, Babe, Cry”

  1. Oh wow, that’s so intriguing that you got the Eight of Wands for your block and the Eight of Swords for your affirmation. I absolutely love when Tarot gives answers opposite to what makes easy logistical sense. I think your interpretations are spot on! And I’m so happy the spread served you and intertwined well with Ashley’s reading. 🙂 Also, I think that crying practice in your couple’s therapy sounds like it would be really helpful. Might be hard at first, or awkward, but I imagine it would open a lot of doorways between you. Hope it continues to go well! xo

    1. Thanks, Sammy. Yeah the answers were pretty interesting for sure! All the 8s remind me of Strength, and the many faces of her. You’re sure right about awkward, but it will definitely be constructive x

  2. As I read this I thought how I can’t identify with having blocked emotions or the inability to cry – BUT! It’s so intriguing this idea of connecting this to creativity. If that’s true for all, then I should seriously learn to make this connection and really harness that potential power. Really worth looking into! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes! If your emotions flow easily, I can imagine there is a lot of potential you have waiting to be channeled. I imagine, perhaps, the connection may not be universal or direct, but there is something there….

  3. Wow, this was so well put together and a lovely little journey to read through! Lately I have felt a lot more emotionally open than I have been for the past year or so, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, my creativity has been in constant flow as well. I find that I no longer struggle with the anxiety that my creativity will “go away” (used to be a huge source of stress for me). It’s interesting to think about how trust in my own creative process grew from trusting the flow in my own emotions as well. This post 1) is such a heartwarming affirmation of the interconnectedness between emotions and creativity (I guess that’s why the Cups suit can represent both!) and 2) made me really happy to hear about all the synchronicities between readings! ^^ Love when that happens.

    1. Thanks Ashley 🙂 that’s sweet of you to say! Oh that is such an interesting connection. It’s like a release, a surrender, to the flow, to the trust, to the emotions, to creativity. I love that. I was so pleased and surprised with the connections between the two readings. Big stuff! ❤

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