Tarot Thursday Three: February 23, 2017

Heya!  Another round of #tarotthursdaythree coming at you.

This is really big, so you could see the LotR Tarot art….that is really small 😦

1.  If you could have your likeness immortalized on any one of the 78  Tarot cards, which would it be and why?

Hmmm well, I guess I would say the Queen of Swords.  I liked Olivia’s and Julia’s ideas because they picked cards that are not typically depicted by women, but the Queen of Swords just always does it for me.  I identify with her, I get her, she’s my significator, and I think she’s pretty badass.  Also, how awesome is this interpretation of her from the Pagan Otherworld’s Tarot?

2.  When reading for yourself, are you able to remain unbiased and if so, what tips can you share for others?

Of course I’m biased when I’m reading for myself!  To be honest, I think it’s a good thing.  How else would I be able to apply the reading to my life?  Intuition is important, but if I want a reading to truly mean something to me, I need to make a connection to what is going on in my life.  Aka, I need to be biased.  For example, if I pull the Queen of Swords, I know she’s saying wisdom through sorrow, “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure,” etc. etc. but that means nothing if I don’t put a little personal spin on it!

I feel the same way about reading for others.  I actually find it really difficult to continue to come up with vague unbiased statements to provide a full, cohesive reading to someone.  For email readings, I love when someone asks a pointed question, or provides a little more information about their life to me.  This allows me to connect the card, or what I’ve written, to them personally.  In person, I love when my friends ask questions (“Do you think this could be talking about *blank*?”) or that I can relate the cards to what is going on in their lives.  This is why I like pulling an oracle card, particularly with one card readings, because that almost always gives another angle that allows the reading to remain “unbiased,” yet focused.

3.  What is your least favourite deck in your collection and why?

I feel so bad about this answer, but, the Lord of the Rings Tarot (see above).  I feel so bad because my partner bought me this deck for Christmas, just a couple months after I started reading tarot.  I thought it was so sweet!….but then I opened the package.  This poor deck.  The art is actually awesome, but wtf is the rest of the shit on this card?  I guess you can also play a card game with this deck, which I actually should really try.  Maybe this tarot deck will find a new life’s purpose as a playing card deck!  My partner brings the deck up from time to time, to make sure I still have it I think (haha), because he knows I don’t ever really read with it.  Oh how I wish he had found the Hobbit Tarot instead of the LotR Tarot…….

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What’s your least favorite deck in your collection?  Omg tell meeeeee…I wanna know which decks to avoid 😉 tell me alllll about it in the comments!

Do you think bias is a good thing in a reading?  Did you make a post this week?  Let me know in the comments.

Exploringly yours,
Alaina x

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

6 thoughts on “Tarot Thursday Three: February 23, 2017”

  1. Oh dear! Yeah, that is an unfortunate deck. It does look made to play a game (maybe like Magic??) but for use as Tarot, not so nice. It especially sucks that the art itself might be nice, but hard to see due to its size! As for bias, I would say you can make those personal connections without allowing opinions, fears, ego, or relationships to influence the card interpretations to one extreme or another (I think it can be harder to do that with self-readings for some). I think of reading bias typically as either being too “rosy” or too harsh. I love that you chose the Queen of Swords! And yes, the Pagan Otherworlds version is particularly great…..!!

    1. Yes it does look a bit like Magic! So tragic. The art is nice, I promise haha

      Yeah you’re right about bias. I do try to interpret exactly what the cards are saying. When doing email readings for others, I write down my immediate impressions in a journal, and then copy that down word for word in the final write up. Sometimes, I read it back and have no idea where it came from! I think those words are the most unbiased ones in the final write up.

  2. Hahaha it looks like it’s also trying to be Magic the Gathering. Yikes! So I see what you’re saying about bias and yes I agree it can be good sometimes. Like if I know my card for the month is whatever, and I pull it again in another reading, that’s likely to mean something additional to me. I think the cards can talk through our bias, as long as it’s not a killer to intuition it all has its place 🙂

    1. Haha yes it does look a bit like MtG doesn’t it? Whenever I play Magic with my partner, I also feel like I’m about to read tarot (the shuffling) and try to find symbolism in the cards (there really isn’t any…).

      Yes, agreed on the bias. I do have a hard time, however, seeing the cards commenting beyond something that is already on my mind. I just try to go with the flow, I guess. I don’t feel like the cards are going to share something “new” with me, but rather they would reframe things, so I feel like bias is a little necessary. *shurgs* I don’t know haha, just going with it I guess. 🙂

  3. Those two LotR cards remind me of that old Streetfighter game on Sega Genesis 😂 But so sweet your honey took initiative and gifted to you!

    QoS…always a badass choice 👌🏻

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