Tarot Thursday Three: February 9, 2017

On Julia’s post for today, she talks about how this practice has contributed to more blogging overall, and I totally agree.  Thank you so much, Julia, for creating this practice!  I love blogging but can struggle with ideas/posts.  This exercise keeps blogging in the front of my mind, so it’s easier for me to think of other posts through the week.

So, here’s another Thursday, another #tarotthursdaythree…. Here you go!

1.  Reversals or nah?

I do not shuffle to include reversals, no.  I know some people have very intricate shuffling practices in order to incorporate reversals (or: throw all the cards on the desk and mix ’em up, a suggestion from Julia, ha!), but I do not.  I take a more hands-off approach to reversals, as if if a card ends up reversed, it must have happened somewhere along the way and I keep it that way.

If I turn up a card that is reversed, I read it reversed.

Do I actively try to incorporate reversals into my readings?  No.

When I go to reset my decks (putting them all back in order), I right all the reversals.


2.  If you could go back in time and give your novice self one piece of wisdom to fast track your tarot learning, what would it be?

I really love Julia’s suggestion of making an Excel little white book (LWB) cataloguing all 78 cards with my own keywords.  I haven’t done anything like that, mostly because when I tried to systematically learn tarot in that way, I got really bogged down in the technicalities and ended up writing too much for each card and losing steam really quickly.  Thus, I think the Excel LWB is a brilliant, low pressure project.  And I think I’m in a good place now to start such a project.  I just signed up for Little Red Tarot’s tarot course, so once I actually start, I’ll use Julia’s idea!

I guess I wouldn’t really change my learning experience exactly because I think the way I learned tarot basically would be the only way I could get into it.  I learned early on that if this was a hobby that I wanted to enjoy long term, there would be no “fast tracking” for me personally.  Too much deep study too quickly was going to kill the mystique and enjoyment of tarot for me.  What I did to learn, mostly, was to pull at least a card a day (or near to each day), and journal about it.  It also helps me to compare cards across decks, and, actually, that would be something that I’d tell myself to include more to help me learn.

3.  What is your go-to spread?

I like to pull one tarot and one oracle card to get a quick picture for the day/question.  I love the 4 card spread (1 card for the message, 3 cards as how to explore that message), which I think gives a nice, well-rounded snapshot of the situation without creating specific questions/definitions for each position.  I love all of the mind-body-spirit and within-without-advice three card spreads.  But, if I had to pick, I’d say the one tarot and one oracle card is my basic go-to, even if it’s not really a spread.  I don’t like to do very large spreads very often, which is why I try to keep the spreads I make under 6 cards.

At the time of publishing, here’s another post that I’ve seen published — Julia.

Did you make a #tarotthursdaythree post?  If so, let me know in the comments.  If not, how would you answer the above questions?  Let me know in the comments!

Exploringly yours,
Alaina x

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

11 thoughts on “Tarot Thursday Three: February 9, 2017”

  1. Mind, body, spirit has quickly become one of my favourite spreads, too! But oooh, I really like that 4 card snapshot – will definitely try it out. Thanks for the idea!

    and PS. Just noticed you added my blog to Sites to Check Out section – so awesome of you! I need to learn how to get more tech-y and figure something like that out too 🙂 Xx

    1. Yeah I love the 4 card spread! Try it out 🙂 (or purchase one from me hehe)

      Oh yeah I love that little side section. It’s meant to keep me organized in keeping up on people’s blogs, but….so many blogs, so little time 😛

  2. I’m a big fan of the single card pull in the morning, though admittedly I usually turn to an oracle deck, rather than tarot. Large spreads are distracting for me. I have a friend that reads spreads that go all over the freaking table lol. He’s amazing at what he does, but it definitely isn’t my process.

    1. Oh yes, a tarot card in the morning can be a little much. I haven’t found the *perfect* oracle deck for me so I tend to stick to tarot, even though it can be heavy haha. I can’t really do a spread more than 6, otherwise it’s overload (though I do on occasion haha). Yes I’ve seen people on IG with these huge, sprawling spreads, that don’t even really have positions, and I’m like “huh???” But to each their own 🙂

  3. It appears that we share similar thoughts about “fast tracking!” 🙂 The funny thing is that I was decidedly not “patient” about learning the cards – I remember taking a book out of the library and memorizing the meanings of every single card in the deck. I still have the journal I used to keep track of my notes and those early readings! Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change anything. Our learning processes are unique and take us just where we need to go!

    1. Yes! I feel that memorizing each meaning is one thing that would have benefitted me, however, where for you that was NOT patient, for me that would have required too much patience 😛

      It’s mostly been a fun exploration for me to learn this hobby my own way.

  4. When I started pulling an oracle card a day, was when I gave up with the reversals. Because I couldn’t work out if I just reversed the cards at the start of the month/week and left them that way. That didn’t feel very free-will-ish, so in the end, unable to work out the fairest possible way – I gave up.

    Your new moon and full moon spreads really are my ‘go to’ spreads. I’ve pared down on the amount of readings I do for myself and have let myself savour the insights I get once a fortnight via what you offer up. But like you, my daily one tarot and one oracle cards are my favourite go to.

    I think if I’d let myself had fun, right from the start, instead of being serious and attempting to learn everything (which was a mindset rather than a dedicated course of study) I think I would have got there further. To have just allowed myself to immerse in the story unfolding before me, and going with it. Which ironically, is what I do with creative writing. I think I’ve learned more from creative writing about tarot, than I have about tarot from tarot how tos? Does that make sense?

    1. Oh, that makes so much sense! Tarot and creative writing mirror each other so perfectly — the tarot is the story, in pictures. And we don’t have to create it, we need only creatively interpret it. Whoa.

      I’m so happy that you enjoy my spreads. I love the way you savor reading for yourself! That sounds so appropriate for tarot. I have so much fun reading, maybe even mostly from the ritual of it all, but sometimes when the cards turn up I’m just like “eh” and forget about the message. Which in turn makes me feel a little guilty. Either way — I like your style.

      I just try to let reversals happen as naturally as possible, if they do at all… *shrug*

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