Meditation for the Highest Good

Friends!  I’ve met so many amazing people through social media (primarily Instagram) who share my interests of tarot and exploring spirituality.  We all have different specialties, or areas on which we like to focus.  Because of this, I’m bringing on some awesome guest bloggers at Exploringly Yours to share their knowledge of different topics on which I’m not particularly well-versed.  Today is the first guest post, from Leanna — she introduces herself below, so I’ll just turn it over to her….


Hello!  I’m Leanna Christie from Clarity & Calm.  I’m truly blessed to have connected virtually with Alaina on Instagram, and we now co-host the #virtualmoonrituals there and on Facebook (*you can view our past rituals at the “Virtual Moon Ritual Collective” link above).  I love writing and speaking about meditation, as I believe it’s truly a universal tool for connecting to our clear and calm centres.

Meditation can be a tool for many outcomes, and the one that I’m exploring today is how to collectively achieve the highest good.  The highest good would be the outcome that is beneficial to all.  It would be something like the universal principles of love, kindness, or non-judgment.  When we focus our attention on anything, we send energy there.  When we as individuals choose to focus our attention on something in particular, our brains love it.  They love paying attention.  And when we repeatedly pay attention to one thing in particular, our brains start to form new neural pathways, like little rivulets of water that grow deeper and stronger every time we focus there.

So, if we focus on one theme — say the theme of loving-kindness to all beings — repeatedly, we create a path of ease that, in a sense, allows us to return our thoughts there with ease, any time we wish.  Now, the effects of this focus are greatly multiplied when it’s not just ourselves placing focus on an area, but a collective group.  Focusing our collective attention on the greater good, on loving-kindness, creates new collective neural pathways, that are ingrained in the energy of an entire society.

With focused attention on a common theme, especially when done at the same time, collectively as a group we can make waves.  We can bring new energies to the world.  We can shift the collective programming to a more loving, inclusive, peaceful way of being.

How to get started?

As an individual, you can place your focus during meditation on a theme of love or inclusivity.  Each other individual who also brings their focus to these themes, even across space and time, will contribute some energy to this outcome.  Gradually we can build new habits not just in our own lives, but in our larger societies.

Your practice

Starting a meditation practice is a very personal thing.  You’ll know best what time works for you during the day.  Try to choose one or two times that you can consistently show up for, and schedule them into your day.  Make a commitment to your future self to meet them at that set time, and show up.

Choose an area of focus that feels really important to you.  You can look up guided meditations on that theme, or simply sit in quiet contemplation on your own.  You can pull tarot or oracle cards for insight on the theme.

Bring your focus lightly to the theme you’ve chosen.  Allow it to really fill your body, and mind.  Allow it to sit deep within you, and notice how it begins to change you from within.  Send loving energy deep within yourself, and let it grow outwards until it both fills and surrounds your body in space.  Send that loving energy that grew outwards out towards all beings.  Mentally wish for all beings: May all beings be safe.  May all beings be happy.  May all beings live with ease.

After you’ve sat in meditation for however long you like, take some time to journal or record any thoughts, feelings, or ideas that came up from this loving space.  When you meditate, you are tapping into a deep inner wisdom.  You may find yourself at your most creative immediately after sitting for your practice.

Taking Action

Use the ideas or energies you’ve awakened during your meditation to affect your daily life and the lives of others in a positive, strengthening way.  Take the loving energy you’ve built and treat complete strangers as though they are dear friends.  Take the creative energy you’ve built and design beautiful art that makes people weep.  Take the world-changing energy you’ve built and stand up for the freedoms of all.  There is truly no limit on your potential to affect change.


Thank you, Leanna, for these suggestions on meditation.  Tapping in to the collective highest good is certainly important in today’s political climate.  Head over to Leanna’s site for more info and support on getting started with, and continuing, your meditation practice.

Do you have a regular meditation practice?  How do you feel about tapping in to the collective to affect the highest good?  Share any questions or ideas in the comments below!

Exploringly yours,
Alaina x

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

6 thoughts on “Meditation for the Highest Good”

  1. Thank you Leanna and Alaina! You ladies bring so much light and love to the world!

    Meditation is something that I have tried but have not developed a practice. I liked how you said to make a commitment to future me and continue to show up for myself.

  2. Love the way Leanna describes collective meditations in such a simple and easy to pick up way. Everyone should try it at least once and see if it’s for them – so much good can be brought into the world thanks to group meditations and just group effort in general.
    I used to meditate a lot when I was younger and had somewhat of a consistent practice, never been much of a group person though 🙂 Nowadays, it’s not so consistent when it comes to its form but I definitely do meditative things on a regular basis to check up with myself.
    I find it important and fascinating to delve into the other side of collective things, like getting to know and analyzing the collective shadow, which I do quite often.

    Anyways, great post! Excited to see more collabs from you, Alaina! 🙂

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