Tarot Thursday Three: January 12, 2017

It’s Thursday again!  Which means it’s Tarot Thursday Three again!  Julia of Spiral Sea Tarot has posted questions submitted by Beth at @greenwitch_oracle…and here they are……

1. What do you do with a deck you don’t connect with?

So, I like to try and pass on (re-sell or trade) decks that I don’t connect with.  For me, the true tell of not connecting with a deck is if I just never use it.  I always make a point to look through the deck when I first get it, try to connect a little with the images, but I don’t always read with it right away (typically this is because of time constraints).  I like to set aside a good chunk of time to read with a deck for the first time and that’s when I’ll really get the feel for it.  Though, to be honest, there are some decks in my collection that I’ve never even used.  Most of those, I try to pass on, and that has been pretty successful.  However, I do still have some that I haven’t used at all, just waiting…..

But I will say that I didn’t connect with The Wooden Tarot for a long time, and I’m so happy that I kept it because it’s one of my favorite decks now!

2. How long do you give yourself to connect with a new deck?

I don’t have a set time limit here — like I said, I still have some decks that I’ve never used.  Every couple of months, I go through my collection and put some decks up for re-sale/trade, and it just depends on how I feel at that time about each deck.  However, once I do get around to using the deck (ha), it will be pretty clear within 1-2 uses if that deck and I will not vibe.

3. What consecration ritual(s) do you use with new divination tools?

As far as “consecration” goes, I think what makes the deck (or any tool) most sacred to me is consistent use.  Beyond that….  I used to think it was a big deal to sage/palo santo my decks, and I still like to, though I don’t always feel that it’s necessary.  If I happen to read the intro section of the guidebook (which I don’t always do right away), and the intro section/author/creator recommends to sage the deck, then I will.  Sometimes with a new deck, I just give the deck a good, hard knock, and whisper “welcome.”  I will, however, definitely sage/palo santo the deck and sprinkle Florida Water on it before/between reading for others.  If I truly want to reset/clear my deck, I separate and order it into suits and the major arcana and let it rest like that for a while.

There you have it!  Here are some other #tarotthursdaythree posts that I’ve come across…




Did you make a post?  Did I miss it?  Post your link in the comments below.  Not make a post?  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Until next week!

exploringly yours,
Alaina xx

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

10 thoughts on “Tarot Thursday Three: January 12, 2017”

  1. Oh guidebooks …another area where I lack consiatency. I rarely follow those directions and usually only skim them for the parts I wanna read. Lol. Is that bad?

  2. Good stuff! I should be more proactive about putting some of my decks up for trade. There are some that I know I won’t ever read with that are really just taking up space. Do you sprinkle Florida water on your cards, or around them?

    1. Yeah! Usually I just do it through IG but there is also a really active trade forum for subscribers at Aeclectic. I haven’t been on there in a while though and let me subscription lapse.

      The Florida Water I general sprinkle over the area that I’m working. Like, I’ll set everything all up and then get some water in my hands, and then kinda sprinkle it around with my fingertips. It’s not an exact science and I’m not sure where it actually goes… but I feel it helps to clear the space a bit between readings 🙂

  3. Yes, and I am a happy recipient of one of your decks! 🙂

    And separating the suits from the Majors is such a unique way to re-set the cards. I love that! May try it out sometime 😉

  4. Hm. Not sure if my first comment went through. Anyway, I love the way you re-set the deck! Piling the Majors and suits separately is such a cool idea. I will have to try it out 😉

    1. It did but for some reason I had to approve your first one but not your second! Yeah, I don’t do it too often but if I use a deck for a long time (like for a month long challenge), I let it rest in its piles 🙂

      and yes! You are a recipient of one of my decks! I love seeing you use it because I know I wouldn’t have 🙂

    1. Ohhh yes I remember seeing that process on IG. I think it’s a good idea, generally, but also I’m so impatient I just want to get to reading with the deck haha! So you didn’t connect well with the Dreams of Gaia deck? I was pretty tempted to purchase it, but I’m happy I held off because I’m pretty sure I would not have connected with it.

      1. I’m keeping it for now and gonna do more readings with it, want to give it a fair chance… But my hopes are not high lol I think the art might just be too clean and perfect for me. Like the Ciro Marchetti decks. I kind of like some imperfections I guess… When it’s super clean I have a hard time finding soul in a deck. :/

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