Day 7, 8, & 9 in the Spirit Guide Challenge


Many who will be reading this know about the Spirit Guide Challenge hosted by spiralseatarot on Instagram (her website is here).  This challenge during the month of June is intended to help us get to know one of our spiritual guides, by asking one question per day and drawing a tarot card for the answer.  Of course, you can play a bit with the “rules,” but that is the basis of the challenge.  According to the cards, I’ve been connecting deeper with a personal guide of mine.  I have done day 7, 8, and 9 together, and the messages I received were too long for Instagram, so I made a blog post out of it.  Doing these three days together lead to some powerful messages coming through.  I’m happy that I procrastinated and had to do them together, ha ha.


Day 7:  What is the nature of our relationship or connection?  King of Coins.  Ordered stability, grow and flourish, tradition, material and spiritual wealth, stubborn, grounded, successful, rhythms of life.  On Tarot Reading From a Bitch’s blog post about Harry Potter and the Court Cards, the King of Coins is Narcissa Malfoy.  To me, the King of Coins is the most well-rounded King.  He’s got his shit figured out and he means to enjoy it.  Here, he reminds me of Don Vito Corleone (minus the violence, we don’t want any of that): well-respected, well-fed, well-loved, stubborn, powerful.

This leads me to believe this personal guide is a familial figure, a spirit who often appears in my family, or I in theirs, in some capacity.  I don’t think this necessarily points to the guide being male or female.  I was getting a female vibe from all the emotional/abundance messages of previous pulls, but, let’s face it, gender is fluid, probably most especially for a spirit guide.

This card mirrors synchronicities with all of my other pulls: my guide focuses on joy, celebration, abundance, following his/her bliss, Four of Coins (money) as a limitation, Judgment as being a guide (literally guiding others through their problems).  Look how chuffed this King is!  Maybe my guide really is a mafia Don, a spiritual mafia Don, on the other side and just wants to help me, as someone who he feels is part of his family, to succeed.

Day 8:  In what ways have I helped you (presently, or in the past)?  Page of Wands (Harry Potter).  Immediately the happiness on this Page of Wands face mirrors the happiness of the King of Coins.  Spiritual mafia Don’s get pleasure from seeing their family succeed and flourish, and this Page looks as if she is (I am) enjoying finding her way, even though she (I) may be young and immature.  I also think the dramatic age difference is notable.  The King of Coins is the right age to be grandfather to the Page of Wands.  In this scenario, I am definitely the young, awkward, self-conscious, excited Page.  My guide gets excitement and joy in watching/helping my journey.

Day 9:  What do I need to know about my life purpose or path?  Eight of Wands.  A rapid force, movement, ability, potential, purpose.  The Eight Wands move forward infinitely.  We can’t see the destination, only the portal at the end of the “tracks.”  This train is moving forward endlessly.  I really love this card, mostly because it doesn’t provide any solid conclusions.  This card, this message from my guide about my life purpose is to ceaselessly move forward, to harness my potential, and use it.  The Page of Wands is on these tracks, she’s in it – I’m in it.  “Follow your bliss.”  “Never stop exploring.”

So far, this challenge is really exciting.  I can’t say whether I am for sure “speaking” with the same spiritual guide each day, or even how that works, but the messages coming through the cards have all been very pertinent so far, and I can’t doubt that.  Are you doing the challenge?  How are you loving it so far?  Let me know in the comments below!

exploringly yours,

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

2 thoughts on “Day 7, 8, & 9 in the Spirit Guide Challenge”

  1. Forget the challenge I’m loving this post! The connection between the King and Page is undeniable. I am beyond thrilled you are getting something out if these prompts. Yay!

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