Using Instagram Responsibly


You know those people on your Instagram or *insert other social media here* feed who seem to have time for IT ALL?  They go outside, they exercise, they read/write/tarot, have a day job, AND have kids, AND a ton of followers?  Yeah, I’m totally NOT one of those people.

Instagram is mostly a wormhole for me.  I end up places I don’t need to be, probably buying something I don’t really need.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Instagram (probably too much).  I love the tarot community that I’ve found on Instagram.  I love interacting with new friends, and I continue to learn, each day, from every one that I follow.

I read somewhere that we should do one thing every day to work toward our highest vision/version of ourself.  And I’ve been pushed toward making some personal changes.  So, it has come to a point where I need to start cutting back.  I scroll and post on Instagram so much that it has cut in to time that I want to use for reading, practicing tarot/ukulele, writing, exercising, other personal study, etc.

There is no way that I want to completely stop using Instagram, and I definitely don’t want to delete my account, however, I need to be more responsible with my usage.  I don’t have a personal business, Instagram isn’t helping my income, it’s only hurting my outside-of-social-media pursuits.

My goals include:

  1. Scrolling only on the bus before work and when I get home after work (after work will be when I can actually catch up on my feed).  The main goal here is to stop scrolling immediately in the morning, just before bed, and at work.
  2. Post more regularly on the blog/YouTube channel, which will be accompanied by an Instagram post, and which will hopefully take the place of posting so often on Instagram (because I will be creating more careful/better content).

This isn’t a vendetta against Instagram.  It’s just me needing to learn to use my time more wisely.  And hopefully posting this here will help keep me in line.  I plan to start this change in June, when I’m back from my trip.

How well – or not well – do you interact with social media?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

exploringly yours,


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

2 thoughts on “Using Instagram Responsibly”

  1. Hi Alaina,

    I understand your desire to use Instagram responsibly. The way our phones and devices have taken priority in our lives makes it all the more important that we are mindful about our usage.

    I have cut back on my social media “intake,” but it I DO have to be mindful, or before I realize it I will be scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

    I need time away from my phone to unwind. In the morning and evening.

    That’s fun you play the ukulele! I love to make music and sing.

    Thanks for the writing, it got me thinking! Hugs, Jill L

    1. Jill, thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s so true, our lives have become entangled with technology – it’s so easy to get carried away. I have cut ties with Facebook, thankfully. I still have an account but I just hate it so much I never scroll. Instagram, I love, mostly because of the community that I’ve found there so it is quite easy to get carried away with scrolling. My intention is to be more mindful with my usage. 🙂

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