Full Moon in Scorpio

How my cards fell.

For this Full Moon, I used Escaping Stars’ spread.  I used The Wooden Tarot and really enjoyed the insights from this spread.  There is no Little White Book (LWB) for The Wooden Tarot, so I use Rachel Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom (which is my go-to tarot meanings book), and Emily’s blog posts over at Dharma Eyes Tarot for additional insight.

Spread layout from Escaping Stars.
  1.  Which areas of my life need to be valued more?  King of Bones.  All of my life – my successes, my achievements, my family, who is close to me, what has been good to me.  The drew the King of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown for one my cards of the year, and here it reminds my of my word of the year, BOLD.  This elephant – he’s bold, but gentle.  My life needs to be valued for what it is, enjoy, relax, remember what got me here, be gentle with myself, and enjoy it.  Be BOLD.
  2. How can I best get my needs met?  Queen of Plumes.  By doing it for myself, facing the world with courage.  The Queen of Plumes knows of the world, but she still greets it with an open hand.  She is no Fool, she is always persevering.  This card also encourages me to capitalize on my intellect, with pride (look at the crest!), but also with graciousness.
  3. What depths within myself need to be explored in order to move forward?  Judgement.  There is a call from within, a call to change, or to fully acknowledge a change that has already taken place.  Recognize the changes, say goodbye to the old self.
  4. What aid comes from the Universe to guide me?  The Fool.  In my spread, this card fell opposite the King of Bones.  This is significant as they are the first and last card of the tarot, emphasizing and encompassing the full spectrum of the journey.  As opposite of the King of Bones, the Fool brings a lightness, a joy, and a peace.  This depiction of the Fool also emphasizes the potential dangers of the journey (the mouse is about to walk in to the snake’s mouth!), but with the lotus flower, there is a promise of enlightenment, which mirror Judgement’s message.
  5. What boundaries must I create for myself?  God of Bones.  This card kind of eschews boundaries, in that the whole world is open for me.  It encourages reaching, seeking, to the mountains that are in the distance.  My bones provide my basic support, and nature is the boundless beyond.
  6. What needs to be down NOW to lay the foundation for my highest vision of my Self?  The High Priestess.  For me, this card has really come to mean trust in Self.  In addition, trust in the mystery and possibility.

All of these cards point toward forward motion.  Thrust in Self, trust in life, live in the joy.  There are changes afoot.  I am changing, always changing, evolving, developing, folding and unfolding.  There should be no fear here, only joy, excitement, relishing the challenge and the journey.  The mysteries make life LIFE.  Relax, but face the world BOLDLY.  There is peace in the mystery.  I don’t need all the answers, just joy of where I’m at, what I’ve done and where I’m heading.  This is my path – it is what I make it to be, and no one else.  Pack my bags, open my wings, and enjoy.

I’ve been receiving this message a lot lately.  Passivity versus activity, looking beyond fear.  With Spring here, this message is only appropriate.  I need to get out more, I need to take more action, reach for goals, live my life.


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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