Skiing in Schladming and A Love Letter to my Teapot

This weekend was a blast. After skiing in Austria for the first time over the Semester Break two weeks ago, I knew I needed to get back on the slopes. And quick. So this past weekend, I ventured to Schladming, home of another English assistant, Frankie, and an awesome skiing/boarding town to boot, (downhill mountain biking town in the summer).

Jordan and I conquered the mountains Planai and Hauser Kaibling. We drank its milkshake.

If you have no idea what that last sentence means, please refer to this Youtube video… FYI, Daniel Day-Lewis is an effing genius.

Jordan and I on the lift up…
No, I am not very, very scared to go down this mountain. I swear.

Anyway,  on to the main topic of this post… my teapot.

I’m teaching English in Austria. It’s awesome. Not only am I getting the cultural exchange of living in a foreign country, but about half of my fellow employees are British. So I look at my time here as a double exchange — there are so many more differences between Americans and Brits than I ever thought possible. Each weekend, we learn new words (fanny, trackie bums, slag, fag, mate, trousers, soz, chips/crisps… I could go on) and new pronunciations (vit-a-mins, or-e-gan-o, ba-sil… not sure how to write those pronunciations out, but they are funny). But I think, perhaps, the most lasting change through my weekend run-ins with the Brits may very well be my new tea drinking habit.

In the States, I live off coffee. I make a travel mug full in the morning and bring it to class/work and stop by Starbucks or Espresso Royale on my way back home, or study there for a few hours. Not many mornings went by without some steaming hot caffeine. However, now, after a few nasty hangovers were cured by the wonder that is English Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey with a dash of milk, I am a devotee to the stuff.

My only problem was, one cup at a time was definitely not enough. I would make a cup, then move to the couch to enjoy some television, Internet or a book, then all too soon realize that I wanted more. The solution to this problem was obvious: I dreadfully needed a teapot. As luck would have it, my grandma, dad and I passed a little tea shop in Salzburg, and I saw the perfect pot; a wonderfully calming blue color and could fit about a liter of tea. Since this purchase, my tea drinking has gone up exponentially, and I couldn’t be more grateful! Gone are the days when I had to run back and forth from living room to kitchen with each measly cup. I can now relax on my pathetic excuse of a sofa (that’s another story) and savor an entire pot of tea, which is more than enough… at least for an hour or so.

So, to the Brits in my life — thank you converting me to tea. And to my grandmother — thank you for the most useful present I have received, probably ever. Well, besides my iPod.

Are you a tea or coffee person? Drink it by the cup or the gallon? With sugar or milk? Or are you hardcore and take your coffee/tea black?


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

2 thoughts on “Skiing in Schladming and A Love Letter to my Teapot”


    hahahahaha lovelovelove the DDL (daniel day lewis) reference. ps you are ADORBABLE.

  2. Soooo glad your Alps experiences now include skiing 😉 AND what an awesome momento from your time there: a wonderful teapot. What a great Grandma you have!

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