Spring has arrived, my friends!

What is it about springtime that makes everyone so happy? I can’t help but feel that there is promise in the air all around me. And the birds know it, too; they are constantly singing!

On my walk home from school, I not once slipped on ice or trudged through snow.

The river that I cross twice daily has swollen and turned a murky green from melted snow run-off.

The smell of the fresh breeze is intoxicating.

The sky is cloudless, the sun is beating down incessantly and I’m excited.

Though, I am going skiing this weekend. How is that for a contradiction? But, there will still be plently of snow on the slopes, and the snow will be shining – which is the perfect skiing weather! Hopefully I’ll get a tan.

I hear that Michigan/the Midwest still has a ton of snow on the ground. Ha ha, suckers!


ps, After I write an article about Budapest that I’m going to attempt to get published, I’ll post an entry here about my weekend! So, by the end of the week… hopefully. However, the pictures are up on Facbeook – check ’em out!

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

3 thoughts on “Spring has arrived, my friends!”

  1. what inspired the blog change?
    i do like the grass motif though!

    good luck getting published!!! keep me posted!

  2. It’s getting lighter earlier in the mornings here, and today it was cloudless on the way in to school. We even had some birds singing in the snow covered trees this weekend 😉

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