Don’t let me hear you say life’s taking you nowhere, angel.

So the stars have aligned and I have been granted a glorious 5-day weekend! Sometimes, I seriously wish that I had applied to stay in Bad Aussee next year because I NEVER WORK. It’s amazing. But, oh well. I know I’ll have more fun in Graz anyway.

As I said: 5-day weekend. Today, I’m going shopping in Liezen with Frankie (the closest shopping center, 50 minutes away). They have an H&M there! And I need to get some stuff.

Then…. tomorrow….. I am leaving at 8:10 am for BUDAPEST! I haven’t been anywhere outside of Austria/Germany in a long time, so I’m excited! Plus, everyone keeps telling me that Budapest is amazingly awesome, so this is perfect! I got some recommendations from people who had been there before (Andrew, Jordan), so I’m staying at an awesome hostel (The Loft Hostel) and know some great places to eat and stuff to do. And, I’m traveling alone, which is something I like to do but haven’t done lately. I’m arriving back around 8 pm on Sunday. SO EXCITED!

So, hopefully my wanderlust will be satisfied, at least for now.

Will post exciting details of weekend upon return!


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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