Rock and roll never forgets

Hmm… I only posted twice in December. Wow, I’m getting a little bad at this haha. Anyway!…

Since the last time I posted, I spent a weekend in Leoben and have been to the US for 3 weeks and am back again! After I went to Graz, I visited Joy in Leoben for my last weekend in Austria. She had a Maturaball that weekend, so she invited me down. Leoben is a really nice town, a lot bigger than Bad Aussee, (but then agan, nearly everything is, ha). We enjoyed the Christmas market (and rode the ferris wheel!) and did a little bit of shopping (they have a huge mall), which was nice. The Maturaball was the best I’ve been to. Wes joined up with us, and I got to meet a lot of their students. We managed to stay until the DJ stopped playing his music! Good times. It was a great way to end my first “semester” in Austria.

The day I left for München, (where I flew from), Nichol came round and we had some drinks before I left her with my keys and we parted ways. The journey to the airport hotel was long and confusing and very difficult with all of my luggage, but I made it! The flight went smoothly and after a total 32 hours of traveling, I was greeted by my amazing family and wonderful best friends. 🙂 We immediately went out for Mexican food and margs, as that was what I was craving most. And boy, was it great! The rest of break was relaxing and very American. I went to Ann Arbor twice to hit the bars and see old friends, visited with my family, watched nearly all 5 seasons of The Office with my mom, and explored my hometown in a way only a 21 year old can! Oh, I must mention that I and two of my best friends, Hilary and Emily, did blowjob shots at Gus O’Connor’s with my mom and her best friend – their treat! That was definitely a highlight. It was so strange, though, because everything was EXACLTY the same! It felt like I hadn’t even been gone for 6.5 months… And, of course, I miss it already, but my dad and grandma will be here in February, so yaayyy!

Now, after 18 hours of traveling Friday-Saturday, I’m back, safe, in Austria…but missing one suitcase. Supposedly, it will be returned to me on Wednesday, but we’ll see. It’s the one with all of my clothes, so I better get it soon! The trip was only filled with some minor delays, but it was a lot easier than the trip TO the US. Frankie and Nichol greeted me in Bad Aussee and we had an awesome reunion.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep at all. It was horrible. Hopefully my sleeping pattern will be back on track now, because I can’t stand another night of tossing and turning.

Aaand school started back up today. Pheww. Luckily, I didn’t have to be here until 9:55, but I have to stay until 2:45. Ugh. But Friday is pay day, so I can’t really complain! 🙂

This weekend, is my “post New Year’s New Year’s Party” and I’m really excited to have everyone over again! The actual New Year’s is on Saturday, and the theme is “dress as your drink.” Should be hilarious. I have my drink, Red Hot Lover, and outfit all picked out, can’t wait to take photos! Everyone is coming round Friday, though, so it’ll be a fun-filled weekend.

Ahh, I guess that’s about it for now. I still have to do a post about some differences between America-Germany-Austria and “Bad Aussee-tucky,” but I’ll get to that later this week, hopefully. But for now, I’m about to start class…and I’ll be outta here soonish.

Love to all!

ps, Ummm… I turn 22 in less than a month! What the heck, I’m getting old…

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writer + explorer

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