My mind’s racing from chasin pirates

So my first time hosting Thanksgiving went perfectly! I was so happy to have all of my best friends in Austria at my house and spreading the Thanksgiving love. The entire group was 9 people, including myself. 2 boys, 7 ladies, 4 American and 5 Brits! The Brits really loved our holiday and totally got into it. Especially Nichol, who cooked the entire dinner by herself! I tried to help, really, but she continually shooed me out of the kitchen. I did mash the potatoes though, of course!

After dinner, we went out to the “Krampusumzug.” Krampus is an Alpine Christmas tradition in which the men of the town (I believe) dress up at these insanely scary devil characters and run around with leather and wooden whips. Now, I had heard that they whip the women and children, but I didn’t actually think they would WHIP you. Boooy, was I wrong! After the parade (they all marched into town), the barriers were suddenly gone and the monsters were everywhere! I was just standing, watching one walk up to me, and then he just whipped me right on my legs with a wooden whip (looked like a broom)! I screamed, and we went home right after that. I still have the marks to prove it…

And I must include that we played an INSANE game of American vs. British charades. It was the most intense charades game I’ve ever played. Twas awesome.

It’s been a good week so far. The class that I hate still never listens to a word I say, but I think they like me anyway. We joked a lot today in class, which is a good sign. I’ve had to be at school at 8 am for Monday and Tuesday and the same tomorrow. I don’t usually have to be there at 8 am everyday, so I’m a bit tired. But, my favorite teacher gave me such a nice compliment today saying that she loves what I’m doing and she’s pleased with me and such. It made me happy :). The teachers usually say thanks and stuff, but I’m not sure they actually mean it.

Anyway! I found out yesterday that I have a 5-day weekend coming up! Needless to say, I’m excited. I’m going on Friday to Graz to visit some other assistants and I’m driving down with a teacher! I think she’s continuing on to Wien, though, and I considered doing that as well, but I think I’ll take the train back on Sunday instead. I want to go to Salzburg on Monday and I think I’ll go skiing for the first time on Tuesday in Schladming! Frankie invited me, so if there is snow- why not! It’ll be cool to go skiing at least once before I got home.

Speaking of HOME, 2 weeks and 2 days! I bought my train ticket to Munich today- leaving on Wednesday the 16th at 16:17 and arriving at 20:34. Then spending the night in Munich and flying off Thursday morning at 10 am! And landing at 7:42 pm in Detroit (after a layover in HOT-lanta)!!! Woooooo! Soooo excited! I’m getting quite anxious to get home. Can’t wait to see everyone and everything!

Well not too much else to say: life’s good and can’t wait to go home. That’s about it!

Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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