I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life

Hey all! It has been a lovely week so far!

The first day of class, Monday, wasn’t TOO exciting… It actually started out horrifying when my lead teacher actually kicked me out of the first class of the day and left me with absolutely nothing to do for two hours saying, “I’ll meet you in the staff room at 9:50.” Hmm. I actually started to read the history book that I had brought along, which I was going to use for the US map in case I actually was going to teach. Anyway, eventually one of the other English teachers found me and helped me out, which was I so thankful for! She showed me around the school a little more, introduced me to some people and got me a key to the building/conference room/bathroom. I taught one class and then ran outta there hoping to get my Meldezettel and pay my rent. The internet told me that the office was open until 2:30, but when I got there at 12:10, the guy was already gone, so I had to leave my stuff and come back the next day. So, since I couldn’t get the Meldezettel, I couldn’t get a bank account or my residency permit that day. I bought some food for lunch at the grocery store and went back to my apartment to relax. I awarded myself with a nap after a “long day.” I woke up, cooked some dinner, watched some American-sitcoms-dubbed-in-German, emailed and such and then went to bed around 11. Bad Aussee- always thrilling!

Tuesday was a much better day at school and was actually a really awesome day in general. I taught a bunch of classes with my “Intro to Alaina/Michigan” lesson (haha) and some classes were good, some were bad. I taught what was a 5th form class (about to graduate, supposed to have really good English) and I was astonished at how bad their English was. But some classes were a lot of fun! It was a good day, in general. I left school and went to go do all my official stuff. I got my Meldezettel and residency permit (which I had to pay 110 Euro for grr) but of course the bank was closed for lunch. So I did some hardcore grocery shopping for the week (something I always enjoy) and then went back to my apartment. To my surprise, HILARY’S PACKAGE HAD ARRIVED! I was so excited I exclaimed and ran up the last flight of stairs. In it were a batch of Emi’s famous cookies (still fresh), half of a BFF necklace (aww!), the new Cosmo (w/ Megan Fox on the cover), a sweet mix CD and a pumpkin candle holder (my only Halloween decoration!). It made my good day much much better! Especially the music- something about new music is just so great. So, I got ready to go out again to the bank. It was a bit confusing at first to figure out where to go, but I figured it out. I got led into the office and this CUTE Austrian is sitting at the desk. His name is GERHARD- how great is that? To make a long story short, there was some flirting and when he handed me his business card, he wrote my account number on it and said (in German), “And this is my cell phone number” and I laughed and said “Ooh” and then he said just kidding haha. ….then he gave me his business card again right before I left and said “If you need anything I’m always here” ha. So maybe I’ll see him around Bad Aussee again. After that, I walked out of the bank, sent some postcards and it was raining a little bit but to my delight there was a rainbow!!!! I had to walk around the little park and enjoy my amazing mood. After that, I went back to my place, took a nap (waking up at 6 am is really getting to me!), woke up, ate dinner and some cookies hehe, watched TV then went to bed around 11.

Today I woke up and cooked a breakfast burrito with 1 scrambled egg, cucumber, green onion, tomato and parmasan cheese. DELCIOUS. And it was also a good day in school. I went to 4 classes and, again, really enjoyed one of them but the rest were OK. One class wouldn’t speak any English and wouldn’t shut up. Grrr. But then I went home and cooked the most delicious grilled cheese I have ever had in my entire life. It included red pepper, tomato, cucumber and green onion. Yummmmmmm. Then I took a nap (I’m going to try to break this habit next week….) and just been hanging around. Now, I’m watching Catch Me If You Can in German and relaxing. I don’t have class tomorrow until 9:55, so I think I will sleep in a little tomorrow :). Sounds nice! Then Friday is freeeeeee and Frankie is coming this weekend! I keep getting told to go to Salzhaus (the disco in BA) on the weekends, so I’m excited to check it out haha.

Soooooo the dirt on my school- I am teaching a 3 different schools: HLW (a technical school or business and tourism), HAK (a technical school for business/industry) and BORG (I thought it wasn’t a “real” Gymnasium, but I guess it is). I tried to go into the school without any preconceptions (thinking the BORG kids would be better in English)….but it turns out they really are. The HLW/HAK students aren’t as excited about English, but some classes are. So I guess I can’t generalize….. But, whatever. Some classes are really good about speaking English to their teacher and to each other, but some I am constantly saying: “ENGLISH ENGLISH” – mostly because I can’t understand a word of German when their speak in their slangy dialect. Punks.

Anyway, in the conference room there is an automatic coffee machine and I’m in love. It’s great being able to just press a button and get coffee haha and for free! (You had to pay 40 cents at the school we taught at in Graz haha). All of the teachers are really friendly and they feel the need to remind me that two the assistant in previous history have fallen in love in BA and still live here. Ha. I speak about half English, half German with the English teachers, but if I speak in German they will switch. I’ve been told a few times that my German is really good, so I’m happy about that :).

And I’m starting to feel really at home and comfortable here in BA. I like the school, the teachers and students seem pretty good and I’m starting to get a feel for the city. Most excitingly: I have found the GYM and the LIBRARY! I haven’t been to either, but I know they exist, so I’m quite excited. The gym is only 210 Euro for 6 months….so that’s pretty awesome. And I’m pretty pumped to try out the disco! Hope it’s worth it :). The only thing that I don’t like about being here is missing everyone and everything from home :(.

Hmm….so what else? I think that’s about it for now.
Hope all is well!!!
Love, Cheers,

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

2 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”

  1. aaaaaah lainy!your food sounds so good. you have to cook for me when you come home.i am glad that you feel more at home at your school now. i wish i could come watch you teach! and hear your german. haha i have to youtube a faux german commercial that snickers is doing- it's hilarious.love you and miss you!and i am still SO HAPPY that your package came and that you like it:) that makes me so glad. the postal service did not fail us!xoxo

  2. Hugely happy for you! You sound… happy and content? willing and amused? mature but still awed? like you have one hand in your pocket and the other giving a peace sign 🙂

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