Head underwater, now I can’t breathe

Hey all! This week has been just as quiet as last week, but still quite enjoyable. Tuesday, I woke up early, made breakfast, and did some laundry. This was quite a fiasco because there are more washers than dryers and everyone decided to do laundry this day. First, I ran out of money for laundry. Then, my clothes finished washing, but the dryers were full. So I ended up borrowing a drying rack and using that and the one I have, I layed out all of my clothes- each individual sock and underwear included. After this entire situation, I was quite tired and upset, so I skipped class. 🙂 I used the day to write some postcards and just relax. A friend from my last class (who is from Syria) invited me to have tea, so I drank a glass with him and a girl from Egypt, which was nice. Later that night, Merrill and I got some wine and we drank before we went out to Stammtisch. A big group of us went to the bar, and then left for Agar. We danced all night and had a good time.

Wednesday was a good day. I slept in a little bit on Wednesday, made breakfast and then went to class, like a good student. It was long and boring and really hot. Afterwards, I met Andrew for pizza on the Dreisam, and it was really nice. Also this evening was my school’s Sommerfest party, so I showed up and everyone was there. We hung around eating and drinking for a while then made our way back to the Guesthouse. Sarah and I kept our eyes out for shooting stars, as this was the night of the metoer shower and we actually saw one! I made a wish of course :). We hung out in Nassim’s room for a bit and then I went to bed because I was quite tired.

Thursday was another hot, hot day in school. Luckily, though, I’ve learned that the seat next to the window is much better than the seat near the door, so things have gotten better haha. And I think actually that the higher ability of German of my peers is helping me, so that’s good. After class, we hung around a bit and then decided to go to Kagan. I hadn’t been there in a while, so it was nice. Sabri ended up spending 250 Euro on two bottles of vodka and a bottle of champagne hahaha. He spent so much money, that the bartender brought us all free shots haha. It was pretty nice. I left alone, and ended up meeting Pac and Sarah on the street. We were all hungry, so we ended up cooking at 2:30 am! It was pretty nice and definitely the most delicious rice and butter that I had ever made hahaha. I went back to my room and put on Harry Potter 1 but fell alseep before the opening was over hah.

Friday was another long day in school, but I left class early because Alberto was coming! I cleaned my room a bit and kept watch out of my window for him. I almost didn’t see him because of the trees in the way, but I did see him! I brought him around the city and showed him the sights. We ended up going out for Schnitzel, which was really good, as usual. Then we of course got ice cream…mmm. We went back to the Guesthouse, and chilled for a bit until we got Fernando and Pac and went out to Schlappen. It was a pretty good/chill night and we tried to watch a movie after the bar, but I fell asleep, as usual. The next day, we woke up earlyish and I went to go buy some breakfast stuff. I made breakfast and we made our way to the Seepark. The day was absolutely perfect for the Seepark! We got there by noon, there was not a cloud in the sky alllll day and there were a TON of naked people around- we were surrounded by naked people! So funny. We both got quite sunburned, and it was quite funny. Andrew came by with his former roommate and we chatted for a bit.

We left at 5, and I made some dinner then we got ready to go out. I actually couldn’t believe that I went out because I looked so funny haha… Anyway, I brought him to the Scholossberg Biergarten and the Feierling Biergarten and, being a true Bavarian, he found the beer not quite up to his standards haha. We returned to the Guesthouse with hopes of drinking Sekt and doing my German homework while drunk, but Alberto passed out haha. I made some food, talked a little with Fernando and then went to sleep.

This morning, we woke late and I made some breakfast. Andrew came by to say goodbye and I made him some breakfast too. Francesca came out on the balcony and Alberto got to practice his Italian. Afterward, we went into the city because Alberto wanted to see the Muenster and my school. I got ice cream, because it was so hot, and Alberto got a Burger King burger haha. We went up the Muenster and Alberto was really scared, but he made it all the way! The view was, as usual, lovely. We came back to the Guesthouse, he packed up and then left- quite sad. Afterward I watched HP 1, as I fell asleep last time, and surprise! I fell asleep again. So I pretty much did nothing all day, but it was nice.

It was a very good weekend, though, and really nice to speak German the whole time. Alberto said that my German has improved since I last saw him (1.5 months ago) but that my accent is still quite American and funny. He liked Freiburg a lot (he had never been here) and said that it’s the best German city he’s been to (I have to agree). He also really liked that the Guesthouse was so international, and I have to agree that this is my favorite part of being here, too. I’m sad, though, that he didn’t get to meet Maude, Sarah, Nassim and Sabri because they were all out of town, but it was a really good weekend anyway. 🙂

And my mom comes on Friday! Yayyy!!! I’m so excited that she is coming! I can’t wait to see her and show her my city! 🙂 Should be a pretty nice time 🙂

Other than that, not much is going on. Life is life and I’m getting ready to move on, because I know the end is so close. I’m really looking forward to Austria and September in general. An old friend from high school, Chris Blair, is going to be studying abroad in Dresden starting tomorrow, so I’m going to visit him in September- and I’ll get to experience Dresden with a friend, like I said I wanted to!- and then we’re going to go to Oktoberfest together! I’m so excited that I finally get to experience an Oktoberfest! 🙂 My mom, sadly, will miss it by a week!

Well, let’s all for now. I’m going to cook some food and go to bed!

Miss you all! Lovesss
Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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