Let’s paint the town, we’ll shut it down

Hey, Leute! This past week has been somewhat quiet. As previously explained numerous times, all of my American guy friends have left me here, so I’ve been hanging out a lot with Maude, Sarah and Francesca. Also, I’ve become friends with Fernando, who was here in June, went home for a while, came back and didn’t know my name. Nice. But he’s actually really cool. We eat breakfast together haha. And of course there is Nassim, Sabri, Craig, Star, etc… I think I’ve realized the thing that I don’t like the most about my American friends being gone is that almost none of my friends left are native English speakers (only Craig, but we don’t converse too much). It’s hard getting close to people who do not speak your native language, but it’s possible… It’s happening slowly for me, but sometimes I just have nothing to say. Most of them speak in French 75% of the time and the Spanish and Italian’s understand half of the French and vice versa, so the lone American girl is left alone haha.

Anyway, let’s see… Monday, we didn’t have class. Maude wasn’t back yet, so I helped Sarah move all of her shit out of my room and we hung out all day. We were both quite tired, so when we planned to go get a coffee, we didn’t actually do it haha. We hung out on the terrace for a little bit while Fernando played his guitar and I went to bed quite early (I think I watched Keinohrhasen again haha).

On Tuesday, we also did not have class, but it was the testing day for all the new people, so people were moving in all day. Weird. Maude came back and then her, Sarah and I went around town- we went shopping for our outfits for Street Parade and we went to the Goethe, to try and do something?, but it was insane there (because of the new people) so we left. Tuesday night, we all drank on the balcony and Craig brought out his 95% alcohol from Italy. Please trust me when I say never drink something with this much alcohol haha. We danced in Sarah and Maude’s room (which is, incidentally, Stephanie’s old room) and then Maude and I went to Stammtisch where Fernando and Pacman (he’s from Korea and new this month) met up with us. It was pretty crowded even though all of the students are on vacation, but we stayed for about an hour and then left. We all went to Craig’s room, where everyone stayed when we left, and then I went to bed.

Maude woke me up at 11:30 the next day and we ate some breakfast. It was the first day of class, so that’s always sort of exciting…. Anyway, my teacher is pretty cool but for the first week, I was the only “not-new” person in the class. Everyone else speaks better German than I do, so it’s kind of intimidating, but I was on the same level as the other people in my last class, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Wednesday after class, Sarah drove Maude, Fernando and I to the city center becasue Fernando needed to fix his Wii, but it’s that didn’t happen so then we just went back to the Guesthouse. Maude and I cooked pasta and it was delish. Then, I had a Skype date with my love Hilary, so we chatted for like 2 hours because my video wasn’t working for some reason. Anyway, it’s always lovely talking to her- miss you lotssssss 😦

Thursday, Maude and I made FRENCH TOAST! and it was amazing. Then, we all actually studied before class! After class, Andrew and I had a date. We went to Uni Cafe and ate some delicious baguettes and then we got some wine and drank on the terrace. Since Andrew is a lightweight, I had to do some work on the wine but it wasn’t too bad haha. We watched part of Keinohrhasen (he hadn’t seen it before!) and then he left to see off some friends. I went to Francesca’s room to hang out with everyone and it was a good, chill night.

Friday after class, Maude and I continued our quest for Street Parade outfits, as it was the next day. It was so strange, at 8 pm on Friday the city like SHUT DOWN and no one was on the streets. Having afternoon class really messes up your day haha. But we got some random french fries and chicken and sat on a bench. That night was the monthly pizza buffet, and for the 3rd time I ate pizza and drank beer without paying haha (but don’t tell!). Everyone hung out on the balcony for a bit singing songs while Fernando played his guitar then at 10 pm the Night-Watch-Guy AND the Hausmeister came to bust up the party (10 pm is apparently the new 11, ha). I went to take a shower, and then we all (Maude, Nassim, Sabri… met later by Craig, Star, Merrill, Pacman, AliG, Erhan and half of Goethe haha) went out to Agar. Because the Guesthouse got broken up so early, we got to Agar at 11 pm and NO ONE was there. Anyway, it was quite funny. We chilled on the couches for a bit until everyone started dancing and it was a good night :).

Saturday was the STREET PARADE! and I woke up really early (7:45 am) to make breakfast because we were supposed to leave at 9:30 am. I get ready at 9, and hear someone knocking on the door down the hall….. I look out the door, it’s Sabri knocking on Nassim’s door, and Nassim is not awake haha. Great. So I finish getting ready and then go chill on the balcony with everyone else. Needless to say, we missed the 10 am train and didn’t go to the station until 10:30ish am. There was a huge drama with the tickets, but in the end we got a group price for 43,50 Euro there and back each and left on the 12:55 pm train. In between the purchase and the wait, we went back to the Guesthouse and started the party haha.

The train ride was not bad at all. We (Maude, Sarah, Merrill, PacMan, AliG, Nassim, Sabri and me) got seperated into 2 groups of four, but in Basel we all sat near each other. We continued the party and saw a bunch of groups on the train also going to the Street Parade. So….we finally reach Zuerich. It’s a little rainy, but whatever. The second we got off the train, I heard techno music….and it was good. We walked towards the main area of the Bahnhof and it’s PURE rave anarchy EVERYWHERE. It was INSANE! So many people, so much trash and so much techno hahaha. Ohhh the rest, I can’t even explain…..we went to the actual Parade, on the Hauptbonhofstrasse and the S-Bahn’s weren’t even running because of the party. There were so many people and it was raining and it was so intense. We just danced and danced and danced as the floats went by and before I knew it, it was 1 am and we were at McDonald’s. We tried to find a bar, and we did, but by then I was too tired and I sat outside and fell asleep hahaha. Merrill did too and everyone was in and out and around, it was funny.

We left again for McDonald’s at like 4:30 am and just sat there for a while, waiting for 5:30 am to roll around, when we could go to our 6 am train. Apparently, I was being quite funny, as I was so tired. Everyone was laughing at my shoes and my tongue and Nassim and I took some funny pictures haha. We made it to the train and everyone passed out curled on their own two seats. We made it back in one piece (well, eight separate pieces), though it was close….

We got back to the Guesthouse at 8 am, so we all passed out. I, for some reason, woke up at 12 pm and couldn’t fall back asleep so I made some food and talked with Fernando. At 3, after many failed attempts to upload pictures, I knocked on Maude/Sarah’s door, and they were still sleeping haha, so I left them to wake up and went back to my room. After they got up, we hung out a bit, ate, and then decided to watch Finding Nemo! We went to Francesca’s room and watched- nice. Then, Maude, Nassim, Star, AliG and I went to the Greek restaurant and then I went to bed pretty early.

This morning, I did some grocery shopping and had a nice breakfast with Fernando. I finished putting up the pictures and did my homework, like a good student. In class, we had a sub who really sucks and it was a horrible day. But an old classmate finally showed up, so I’m happy! After class, I was supposed to meet Andrew, but he stood me up (!!!) so I got Schnitzel, and it was really good. Then I came back here, went on the internet for a bit then went to hang out with Francesca and her friend, Pedro, who is really funny. After that, I watched a funny mtv show in Nassim’s room with some people then retired to my room.

Anyway, like I said, really exciting life nowadays. I wish I could write more about the Street Parade, but wow- there is nothing to say! It was unlike anything I’ve ever done or seen in my life and just SO much fun! Like one of my friends said, “None of the pictures can convey the fun we were having.” And it’s so true (but there are some pretty hilarious pictures). So much funny stuff happened and it was just a crazy day, in which we literally danced all day 🙂 outside 🙂 in the rain 🙂 with friends 🙂 and a funny outfit :).

I’ve realized that 1. my German is getting worse and 2. my English is, too. I think I’m just started to confuse the two languages, or I’m still out of it from Street Parade…who knows. It is perhaps because everyone else in my class speaks so well so now I notice my own mistakes more… Tomorrow is a new day. But! I am doing my homework! And Maude and I are going to study in the library Wednesday morning and make lists of stuff to learn and stuff- sounds good! haha I really just need something to study, ya know?…

My mom comes soon (the 21st!) and I’m getting excited to see her! I haven’t asked her yet, but she’s going to bring me ranch dressing, Apple Jack’s, American Jiff peanut butter, a can of Diet Coke (it’s just not the same here!) and some other fun American foods that I miss hehe….

Anyway, today I found myself reading old Livejournals/blogs that I have had in my life. I do this every few months or so, and it’s always so funny to read about the old me. I’m definitely going to keep this blog for a while and I hope to use it for more reflective purposes than just writing exactly what I did everyday. When I get to Austria, this will be more possible because I won’t be living such a thrilling life… haha. Speaking of, the closer and closer I get to Austria the more EXCITED I am…. heheheh 🙂

Also, I am OBSESSED with “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. Ahhh- it’s going to always remind me of Street Parade, because we listened to it before we left. …same with “When Love Takes Over”…mmm so good.

Also also, my friend Alberto, from the exchange program that I did in high school, is coming to visit this weekend! omg! Ha, it should be interesting I guess.

Phew- I guess I had a lot to say. And it’s getting late- time for bed. I want to get up and run tomorrow…. I’m feeling lazy haha. Maude and I are making French Toast again tomorrow and I can’t wait mmmm. I’ve been cooking more lately, and it’s nice. Cheaper, more fun and I love making breakfast the best, of course, haha.

OK… Until next time, everyone!

Author: Alaina

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One thought on “Let’s paint the town, we’ll shut it down”

  1. fill up yoour drink (drank!!!)mazel tov!(l'chayim!!!)i gotta feelin' ooooooooohooooohthat tonights gonna be a good night!totally jammed to that song today in your honor.and ps, l'chayim means to life! its like a jewish cheer. its defs cool. mazel tov is like congratulations. integrate them into your daily vocab :Paaaaaaah i miss you. but i am SO EXCITED your mom is coming soon! aaaah how fun!

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