You give me miles and miles of mountains and I’ll ask for the sea

Hey all! I posted new pictures to my original Freiburg album, and I got up all my pics from my travels! Check it out:

Anyway, yesterday was quite hectic. I woke up earlyish and took my time eating breakfast- all you can eat mini-baguettes with butter, meat, cheese, marmelade and honey, not to mention coffee and tea, for 3 Euro at the hostel….so worth it. So I took my sweet time and made my way to the Hauptbonhof. I didn’t have any idea of my train schedule, because the internet worked so poorly in the hostel, so I got there hoping everything would be OK….and it was! My train was leaving in a half hour (at 10:55 AM) and I would get back at 10:18 pm… an 11 hour and 23 minute journey. So I caught my first train, which was 4+ hours to Nuernberg. Everything was fine until we waited at a stop for 15 minutes for another late train. At first, I didn’t think anything of it…but we arrived about 17 minutes late in Nuernberg. So, I run to my next track at exactly 3:38, when the train is supposed to leave, only to find that it was already GONE! I wasn’t the only one who missed this connection and everyone was pissed because WE waited for another late train but THIS train didn’t wait for us…..Anyway, I go look up the next possible connections for me to get to Freiburg, and guess what? I had to wait 3 HOURS in Nuernberg for the next train. I was pissed. So I get some food and wait…wait…wait…. I was so bored I started reading HP7 again haha (I got pretty far on the rest of my trip, about 400 pages, and even though I JUST read it, it’s surprisingly unboring!). The rest of my journey was without mishap, except that the later it got, the more rowdy the fellow passengers got. And I didn’t get back to Freiburg until 1:30 am 😦

I made my way back to the Guesthouse and proceeded to upload some pictures and watch Keinohrhasen. It was so much better this time without English subtitles- I laughed so much! That movie is great. I fell asleep really late, as it started raining, but I got to sleep in a little which was super nice. My bed is so comforatble here!!

The Guesthouse was a lonely and desolate place last night…I had to go in the Common Room for my internet because Nassim’s was off and NO ONE was in the common room or on either balcony, even though the Night-Watch-Guy wasn’t here. Then again, it was kind of late. It’s not so bad today, but it’s strange being back. Especially walking in the place last night…the smell was surprisingly familar- I didn’t think it had made such an impression. It’s sad, though, walking by people’s room or looking at people’s window who are no longer there. Luckily, Francesa, Alex, Sarah, and Star were around this morning so we could talk, catch up and hang out. Nassim is here, too, but I haven’t seen him except when he waved out the window, shirtless, at us on the balcony (standard, haha). And Fernando is back! Which is nice. A few people that I didn’t think would be staying have stayed (namely, Claire…though I’m not friends with her) and really there aren’t any new people yet, I guess. Maude comes back tomorrow! Yayyy 🙂

Well, that’s about it… Today is going to be a lazy day… It’s almost 3:00 pm and I’m still in my pjs. I think I’ll make lunch soon…I really want soup but I don’t have any 😦 how sad! Also, I think I’ll go back to my regular once-every-few-days update now that I won’t be doing much haha.

Hope all are well!
Until next time…

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