Und der Mond scheint hell auf mein Haus am See

Hello all! How goes it? Let me tell you, this past week was definitely the best week I have spent in the Freiburg thus far. I left you all with a thrilling account of my amazing Tuesday…

Wednesday was a really nice day, too. We finished up our speaking test in class, which meant it was a pretty chill day because we had to take turns speaking and stuff. After class, I may or may not have taken a nap, but I can’t recall what I did in between class and dinner… For dinner we (Sean, Derek, Kevin, Halldor and myself) of course, went to Schnitzel. Delicious as allllllways. We planned to go to the Irish pub afterwards, but somehow that didn’t work out, so we went back to the Guesthouse. There was a big street party going on that was way too super packed that a group of people ended up going to, but since it was super packed and not fun (we walked through it on the way back to the Guesthouse), I didn’t go. Instead, Kevin and I watched Love Actually. Great film, as always! At 2 am, I skyped with Hilary for an hour until Emily showed up in Ann Arbor at 3 am, and then we all skyped until 4 am! It was so awesome and hilarious to talk to them! I miss my besties lots and lots and lotssssss!!! xoxo

Thursday was the last day of class- sad times! We had a breakfast party, which was really nice. Our teacher brought Schwarzwald cake which, I didn’t realize, is actually the “Black Forest Cake” that we eat sometimes in the States. It was sehr gut! We also watched “Auf der anderen Seite,” which is the Fatih Akin film I’ve been DYING to see. It was very very good! Kevin and I went to the cafe-next-to-Goethe for the last time and it was very sad. We got the results of our tests back and I passed (woo!) and will be going on to C1.1 next month! Cooool! I also finally got a copy of our class picture, which actually turned out really well. 🙂 The day was rainy, so we pretty much just hung around the Guesthouse all day. I read HP, finalized some plans for my trip and just chilled. We (Kevin, Halldor, Ian, redhead Sean, Derek and me) went out, for the last time as a group, to Thai food. Delish! Afterwards, we went to O’Kelley’s (also for the last time as a group) sans Ian and it was open mic night! Kevin got up and whistled (got 2 free Guinness’) and Halldor played some SICK Flight of the Conchords (and got a free beer). It was awesome. Thursday was also the night of the “Abschiedparty” (goodbye party) at Cafe Velo, so we went to check it out. Kevin wanted to get pizza, but we stayed too late at Cafe Velo so I made some “gourmet” pasta and Ian, redhead Sean, Kevin and I hung out for a bit. Then we watched A Knight’s Tale and passed out.

Friday was an amazing last day with my best guy friends. It started off hectic, as everyone had to move out of their rooms and use my room as a base for their crap haha. After that, a big group (Nassim, Maude, Sarah, Sean, Kathi, Nikita, Alex, and others) went to the Greek restaurant for breakfast/lunch as a goodbye for Kathi and Nikita- soooo sad to see them go! 😦 After that, Maude and Sarah left for Switzerland and Sean, Ian, Kevin, redhead Sean and Halldor and I hung out on the balcony for a bit before we decided to make a trip to the city while Kevin got in his run. We went to the bookstore, pen store and drank some wine at the Muensterplatz- very nice. The weather was crazy, though- it went from hot to cool to cloudy to cold to hot and then back to cloudy again all in the same day haha. I bought “Keinohrhasen,” which is a German film that I have been meaning to see. At 5:15, we got back to the Guesthouse and then turned right around to go to Brennessel for passssta! It was so good and the place looks really nice after being remodeled! Sadly, they didn’t have tiramisu ready yet, but we resolved to go back later (because their tiramisu is “bomb”). We went back to the Guesthouse and drank a bit until Ian had to catch his train at 10 pm-ish. Halldor, redhead Sean, Kevin, Sean, and I walked Ian to the train station to send him off and it was very sad :(. Then, as promised, we went to Brennessel for tiramisu (which Kevin treated us to! so nice!) and we made it the quickest Brennessel trip ever (the service there is horrible). I was proud of us haha. We went back to the balcony and drank more. Then, since Kevin was staying in my room, he had to watch Keinohrhasen with me haha. At 5:30 am, I walked with him to the train station. So sadddd! Then, I got back to my room, packed super fast and headed out with redhead Sean and Sean for my own train.

Sooooo…. my trip! It’s been great so far, haha, but I haven’t done anything! Sean and I were on trains (6 for him, 7 for me) all day- from 8 am until 8:30 pm for me. It was surprisingly not bad- I slept a lot and read a lot of Harry Potter, so it went by quickly for me. However, since Sean is super unlucky, he had a lot of mishaps- he had to stand on the train to Karlsruhe (1.5 hours), his shampoo exploded everywhere, he broke one of his beer glasses, hit his head on a luggage rack, got smashed in the crotch by a little kid’s luggage, his “Lamy” exploded in his pant pocket, etc etc. It was actually quite hilarious- how can so much unlucky stuff happen to one boy?! Anyway, Sean is a very good travel buddy. I was sad to leave him in Hannover 😦

I made it to Bremen in one piece, but I had the same problem in Bremen as I did in Freiburg- I could NOT find my accomodations. But, eventually, I did. Bremen seems like a cool city so far, but I haven’t explored at all. I’m sharing a dorm room with 5 other people and I, of course, got the worst bed right near the door, but who cares, really. The internet here is free- thank goodness- and so is the tea haha. Nice, eh? The hostel is actually set up really nice and it’ll be cool to stay here for a few days.

Anyway, I’m probably going to go to bed earlyish so that I can get up earlyish to explore the city! I’m definitely going to take a tour of the Beck’s factory, and hopefully I’ll get some free beer out of it haha. Don’t worry, all- I’ll take lots of pictures and a bunch of awkward, touristy ones of myself ha.

I’m already not looking forward to going back to Freiburg to find that all my guy friends are gone :(. Maude and Sarah will still be there, thank goodness!, so we’ll still have a really good time but….who will I eat Thai with? Schnitzel? Pasta? Who will I drink bottles and bottles of wine with? Will I ever partake in a conversation which spans the topics of running, Lamys, LOTR/HP/other nerdy things, music, etc. again? It’s just hard because I don’t know when I’ll see these people again, since I’m going to be in Europe for a long time. But I know I will see them again. I feel like we are at a mature enough age where we can make real friends in a 2-month study abroad program and actually keep them- I’m not sure that makes too much sense, but I know that I really like and enjoy the people that I met in the last two months and through getting to know them and getting to know Freiburg together, I have learned a lot about myself. blah blah blah, I’m being sappy or something, sorry. But I am really sad that all of my guy friends have left 😦

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well! Miss you all!
Until next time…

p.s. This is the best sentence I’ve ever said: “My favorite time is the time between game time and dinner time.” Too many times hahaha- I think it sounded funnier when I said it though haha

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