I’ll be the one to hold the gun

Hello everyone! It has been a lovely, lovely week!… Saturday, for dinner, I ended up going to the “other” Irish pub with Sean, Kevin, Halldor, Derek and (redhead) Sean. The waiter there is really friendly (as I think all people must be who work at Irish pubs) but he screwed up our order :(. Additionally, it’s interesting, those who work at Irish pubs are all English speakers- I hear that it’s the first place displaced English-speakers go for jobs in foreign countries. Anyway, once we finally got our Irish stew, it was delicious. Paired with a Guinness- perfect! After dinner, we went back to the dorm to have a chill night in. Kevin and I ended up drinking wine and talking religion for a long time- always an interesting experience.

Sunday was another great day. I had resolved at dinner on Saturday to read the complete British version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (all 768 pages) before the movie at 10:30 pm. I woke up early, enjoyed a nice breakfast and some tea and spent the day reading on the balcony. I made a valiant effort, but only made it 453 pages :(. Around 8, Craig, Sean, Kevin, Derek and I ventured to the Thai restaurant (our new favorite place, which is incidently right across from the movie theater). We had a good meal and surprise surprise! we ran into the waiter from the “other” Irish pub! Weird!! He was like “Embarassingly enough, I’m going to Harry Potter at 10:30.” And we were like “Us too, man, cool.” haha strange!

So! We made our way over to the theater and into our assigned seats. As I was about to sit down, someone yells “Alaina!” and to my surprise, Andrew was also seeing HP, along with an entire row of other people from his program. Weird! Since I had stood Andrew up on Friday for coffee, we made a date for Monday. Anyway, I made my way to my seat and the previews started. They were boring. Kevin started passing around his flask of scotch, and it was my first time trying scotch. It made me very warm inside haha. THEN THE MOVIE STARTED! It was very good- hilarious, filled with sexual tension and done, in general, quite well. The only thing I didn’t like was the music. As it turns out, John Williams only did the score for the first 3 movies, and the 4th was by some other dude and another guy has done the 4th and 5th. It’s sad because he doesn’t use the “dun-dun-dun de dun-dun” HP theme (you know what I’m talking about!) as much. Anyway, good times. We went back to the Guesthouse, had some wine in Nikita’s room and I went to bed around 3 am.

Monday, was a pretty chill day. After class, I had my date with Andrew. We got coffee at Cafe Schmidt and talked about everything, as usual. Then, I went major grocery shopping at Aldi. I bought a ton of stuff but only spent 17 Euro!! Nice! I walked around through the city a little bit and made my way home. It was a pretty hot day, so Sean and I went to the Seepark. It ended up cooling down a lot on our walk (plus it was later in the day) so I didn’t actually swim, but it was nice to layout and read HP. Sarah and Maude came just as we were about to leave, which was kind of funny. After hanging out for a bit, we went back to the Guesthouse to cook some pasta dinner- yum!! The evening was spent just chilling (and I actually did a little studying!), and I went to my room pretty early. I talked to my mom a little bit online and tried to make reservations for my trip next week (I’ll tell more about at the end).

Tuesday was probably one of my favorite days yet, except that I had to take my Abschlusstest (final test- yuck). But it was hot hot hot, so we decided to go to the Seepark. Maude, Sean, Ian, Kevin (his first time!) and I made our way there and it was perfect! I jumped right in off the bridge, which was an excellent idea. The water was perfectly cold, but not too cold. We laid in the sun, swam and snoozed as Kevin ran around the park. Apparently, it’s odd for him to swim, but he did yesterday haha. Everyone had a great time…. except Ian who got his sunglasses stolen?!!?…

After the Seepark, Kevin, Sean and I changed real quick and headed off for my first hike on the Scholossberg- Kevin wanted to show us his “magical” spot that he found, which he said was filled with dragons haha (sadly, I saw no dragons). We were hauling ass and Kevin and Sean are both atheletes, so I was working to keep up (apparently, I did so really well as they called me a rockstar, or something haha). The mountain is beautiful and the spot to which Kevin brought us has old church ruins and a huge wooden cross- gorgeous. We got a really amazing view of the city and it was perfect. We were all quite hungry, so we didn’t stay up there for the sunset, and instead made our way to- where else?- the Thai place. Yum!! After some good noodles and a couple of beers, we went back to the Guesthouse to change and head to Stammtisch.

Before we left, I did my first shot of Sambuca ever and it was awesome. So, this is what happens- you put the Sambuca in a wine glass with a pinch of coffee grounds. You light the Sambuca on fire, and swirl it around the glass until it turns a nice brown color (coffee). You then pour the on-fire alcohol into another glass and then put the wine glass upside down on a straw. You take the shot, which you think will be really hot but it’s not and is actually very sweet and tastes like licorce, and then you suck the alcohol fumes out of the upside-down wine glass. Hahaha! It was fun.

So we made our way to Stammtisch and it was a typical Stammtisch evening (Kevin came out with us! He wore his nice shoes and belt in honor of the occassion haha). Cheap beer, lots of Goethe people, and just chill. The bar closes at 1 am, and Sean said “We’re leaving after this game of pool” and the next thing we know, Kevin and I are the only ones left hahaha. So we grab a few leftover glasses and turn them in for the deposit- nice- then head back. Everyone was in Nikita’s room so we chilled out for a bit and then I went to bed at 2:30 am.

Despite the fact that it wasn’t super late, I had a hard time waking up this morning haha. But I had to go because it was the day of our oral exam! It went well- I’m allowed to move up a level! Woooo.

Anyway, so about my trip. I leave on Saturday morning at 8 am with Sean- he’s going to Hannover and I have to catch a connection in Hannover so it’s perfect. We taking Regio trains- small, slow, stop in every city- so it’s going to take me 12.5 hours to get to Bremen. But, the difference is, it’s going to cost me 18,50 Euro instead of 92 Euro for the ICE train haha. I have a hostel reserved in Bremen for Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights and beyond then, I’m not too sure what I’m doing- still have to figure it out. I want to go to Luebeck and Schwerin, but nothing is yet set in stone. I wanted to try and make it to Dresden, but I’m only traveling for 9 days, so I can’t squeeze in too much, especially traveling with Regio trains. I’m really excited to get up to Northern Germany and I can’t wait to travel for the first time by myself!!!

Beyond that, this week all of my American, Icelandic and Azerbaijani friends are leaving 😦 😦 :(. 2 months is the perfect amount of time to get to know everyone just enough to start to like them a lot and want to get to know them more and now they are leaving. *sigh* At least Sarah and Maude with still be here. At first, neither of them were going to be, but thank goodness they are both staying longer otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. Probably cried. … But, perfectly enough, Brenesel (the 1,80 Euro pasta place) is opening at 6 pm this Friday with free beer! PERFECT!!!! All of my friends will still be here to enjoy our last time eating pasta together! I can’t wait- I’ve missed their pasta sooo much haha!

Wow, sorry this post was so long. I guess I had a lot to say :)… I’m going to post some pictures on Facebook so make sure to check it out!

Miss you all! Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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