Hey, wenn’s dir nicht gefällt, mach’ neu!

Hey everyone! What’s up?!

Anyway, I spent Wednesday shopping around the city with Sarah, Maude, Marilyn and Francesca. I purchase a Lonely Planet “Germany” book in English (to help plan my trip) and some postcards. We had a drink and some ice cream at Aspekt while we waited for 7 pm, which was when Jeanne arrived. Maude, Marilyn and I went to the Hauptbonhof at 7 to search out Jeanne, and we found her. We arrived back at the Guesthouse and Sarah started to cook dinner. I laid down on my bed (with my glasses on) and fell asleep for a little while until Nassim and Maude banged on my door. I was really groggy during dinner and it was hard to eat, haha, but I did it. Everyone laughed at me because I had a mark from my glasses on my nose.

Wednesday night we decided to hit up the Irish pub for a chill good time. It ended up being pitcher special night, so the girls split some tequila sunrises. Nice. O’Kelley’s has the best fries, too, so naturally we ordered some. I walked home early-ish with Kevin, while the rest of the group continued to party…

In class Thursday, for the second day in a row, I was the only person to make it to class of the group that went out the night before haha. Enjoyable! In the afternoon/evening, I cooked myself some dinner and hung out with Craig, Star, Sean and Michael on the balcony for a bit. Then, since it was Thursday, we of course all got ready to go out to Kagan. It was really neat because it started storming around 2:30/3 am, and the storm was all around the club (as it is on the 18th floor and has all glass walls). We got home late, as usual, but it was fun night!

Friday, class was long. I got home and fell asleep around 2 and accidentally didn’t wake up until 7 pm, when Sean banged on my door. Kevin, Sean and I went to Thai food, and it was really yummy! We also bought our tickets for Harry Potter tomorrow at 10:30 pm in English!- can’t wait!!! Interesting fact: they have assigned seats in German theaters. Crazy!! Then, since Sean and Kevin kept quoting The Princess Bride, we decided to watch it. The film ended around 11 pm, and Kevin wanted pizza so I went with him to get some. A crazy lady asked Kevin if he was from Switzerland after hearing him speak 3 words auf Deutsch- weird. I was in bed by midnight- nice night.

Today, I woke early in order to meet Sabine and Susanne (Sabine is my German neighbor from the USA and Susanne is her sister)! We hadn’t quite figured out how we were going to meet since I don’t have a cell phone, but we decided that they would pick me up at 10 am, so I kept an eye out my window for their car. At about 10:20, I saw them roll up and I yelled out the window to them. We spent a lovely (although rainy) day touring the city- Muenster, Augustinerplatz, Markt, yummy Italian food and lots of shopping! It was great to see Sabine- like a little piece of home! haha

And now I’m here. The Guesthouse is quiet, as it usually is at this time of day. I’m thinking about getting some food, but I’m low on cash so I’m not sure what I’m going to do….

Anyway, hope all is well in the US! Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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