My friends say I should act my age- What’s my age again?

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday!…

Anyway, Monday was full of laundry! Three loads! OMG! But it’s nice to have everthing clean again haha. After laundry, I slept more and ended up cooking myself some veggies and rice. A bunch of people grilled for dinner, so I hung out with them and snagged some food- yum!! I wore a green dress that I haven’t worn yet and everyone complimented it, which was nice considering I was sick haha. We pretty much just hung around the guest house all night and I went to bed by 11:30 because of the sickness.

Tuesday was also quite a chill day- because I was sick, I skipped school and slept allllll day. At 5 pm, I went to drink coffee/tea with Sarah and Maude at Aspekt. Ice and Nassim showed up and by 6 pm, they were heading back to the guest house and I went on my way to meet Andrew for dinner (date #3? or 5??? who knows haha). We actually ate at Aspekt, and it was delicious! Tomato mozarella baguettes…. yum! It was a really great time- we always just bullshit for a good hour- and as we were walking back, we ran into Sarah, Maude, Ice and Nassim, who were eating outside at some restaurant. It was a little awkward. Andrew and I parted ways and then I headed to Neukauf for some orange juice. I ran into Nikita and Kathi, who were buying my two favorite things- wine and cheese! They invited me to their room for wine, cheese and Frasier and I couldn’t turn it down! Some wine turned into more wine and next thing I know, I’m (along with Nikita) teaching a bunch of non-Americans (Kathi, Nassim, Sarah and Maude) how to play Kings. Needless to say, it was a good night. We made our way to the Greek restaurant, which is a 30 second walk from our dorm. We accidentally met up with a bunch of other people and had a good time just doing nothing. We all went back to the dorm and then Maude and I decided to go for a walk around the block. Nice.

Wednesday, we all went to class late (except for Sean who is always on time and Nassim who never goes haha) and it was boringly long day. After class, I bought honey and tea to help my throat and some Bounty because I was craving coconut (weird!) and relaxed with Sean on the balcony for a bit. Then, I took a nice, long nap and felt very refreshed afterward. I made some food (again veggies with rice haha) and drank a lot of tea. Kathi, Nikita and I watched part of Watchmen, but that movie is long. We paused it for a bit, and I shared a glass of wine with Kevin on the balcony. Kathi made Nikita (and me!) some food (which was delicious) and then we watched more of Watchmen, but by then it was about time to go to the bar for Sean’s girlfriend’s (Amanda) birthday! It was a pretty good night- I had a few drinks but stayed under control, because I’m sick, hung out with Maude all night, and went to bed happy.

Today at school we had a test. Nothing too difficult- I’m sure I passed ;). After class, I went to Aldi to get some cheap food (I’ll be eating for a 4 days on 10 Euro of food haha) and also picked up some cough medicine that a friend from class (Alex, from Russia) recommended to me. I’ll let you all know how it goes ;).

And now I’m here, sitting on the balcony, drinking tea, bundled up to keep out the cold and the sickness. I’m going to make tortellini tonight and it’s going to be yummmmy. Sadly, since I’m traveling tomorrow and I really want to get well, I have to forgo the weekly all-nighter at Kagan tonight :(. I’m sure it’ll be ok ;). Maybe I’ll watch a movie! 🙂 Sounds good!

Anyway, the weather here is suprising me again. It’s been chilly for the past 3 days, and I don’t think that’s helping me get well, but I’m staying bundled up. Germans have this thing about keeping their necks covered so as not to get sick/so that they get better from being sick. I have embraced this German trait. I think it’s helping a bit haha.

Also, Harry Potter 6 comes out here soon and I can’t wait to see it! I’ve recently found out that they always show the movies here a few times in English, so a big group of us is going to see it! Yay can’t wait!!! And tomorrow I’m going home with Maude to Switzerland!! Should be a really great, relaxing time!

Alright…. time for a get-well nap (that’s how I’m excusing away all my napping lately haha)! Until next time!!….

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