Let me think about it

Hey all! The weekend was very enjoyable. Saturday night, Francesca got us on the guest list at Kagan, and since the club is on the 18th floor and has glass windows all around, we got to watch the sun come up, which was fabulous. Lucky for us, the bakery was just opening as we were leaving the club so I got a mini pizza. Delish! I walked back with Nikola (Switzerland) and Sabri and Nikola was translating French to English and back again for us. Good times.

Sunday, Kathi, Sean and I got half-a-chicken and fries for breakfast. Yum!! And we pretty much did nothing all day, which was great. I took a long nap and everyone just hung out and I went to bed by midnight, which is quite an accomplishment.

Monday, I had a test in class. Ehhh- no fun. But after that, I went grocery shopping with Sarah, Maude (Switzerland) and Kathi and we stocked up on food. Lunch cooking commenced and I made a delicious meal of rice, broccoli, onions and cheese. mmmm. Then, I hung out with Sarah and Francesca in Nassim’s room for a couple of hours just doing nothing, which was nice. Sarah cooked a great dinner of pasta with pesto sauce for Nikita (Russia), Nikola, Kathi and me and we hung out on the balcony eating chocolate and drinking wine. Everyone just chilled all night and around 1 am, we tried to make it to the Irish pub, but we realized it would be closed by then so we headed back and went to bed.

Today, I woke up feeling angsty. I decided after class it was time to put on them ol’ running shoes again. I jogged along the river and made it into a really nice neighborhood. Very enjoyable. This is going to be a new habit.

Also, got my test back today in class. I passed! Wooo!!!

Also also, I have an apartment in Bad Aussee- the city I’ll be living/teaching in in Austria! Nothing is quite official, but one of the teacher’s I’m in contact with said that the renters said it’s mine (they rent the place to all the assistants) and I’m going to call them sometime this week to cover the details (I’m going to have to make notes for that conversation! ha).

Anyway, tonight we’re going bowling!- Bowling in Europe!!! I feel like that is an oxymoron.

Lots of pictures were posted on Facebook (but they are not public- they are from a friend) so if you want to see them, let me know and I’ll send you some!

Hope all is well! Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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