You’re so 2000-and-late

Hello! Life is just pretty fabulous around here. Thursday night at Kagan was a lot of fun; left at 4 am with Nassim, Sabri and Sarah to head to Nassim’s room as usual and listened to chill music with Ice, Paulina, Merrill and Chronis. Hung out until too late (early?) and went to class on 1 hour of sleep. Needless to say, class was very difficult.

Friday was also a good day. Ran around doing errands, which was tiring, but I managed to get in a short nap before heading out to Schlappen, where I sampled some Absinthe, and Agar, where we danced until 4:30 am and headed back to Nassim’s room, again, as usual. Hung out until the early morning, and fell asleep for perhaps 2 hours crammed in a tiny bed with four people.

At 10:30, Sean and I attempted to round up the troops to head to Heidelberg, but by the time we made it to the train station, the next train was at 1 pm, and we wouldn’t have gotten there until 4 pm, so we rescheduled.

I purchased some sour cherries (but soo good) from the market and went back to the Guest House to hang out with Kathi, who a little is sick with a cold. We are currently chilling on the balcony, and enjoying the sun and lazy day.

Tonight, Francesca is cooking everyone a yummy meal, which includes “Fruehlingsrolle” (spring rolls… the best English to German translation I’ve ever heard!) and Apfel Struedel! Yum!! And of course we’re going out again…. but I’ll need a nap before then haha.

Don’t worry, all- though my blog talks about all of our crazy antics, life where is really chill and I’m enjoying getting to know people from all over the world. It’s really awesome to suddenly realize that I’m the only American in a room full of people from all over Europe and Nothern Africa. But I miss everyone from home! I wish you could all experience this!….

Until next time!

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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