"It’s going to be legend-…wait for it…-dary!"

It’s been a pretty chill week… Nothing too thrilling going on. Sunday and Monday were chill days/nights around the Guest House, and it was nice to kind of “take it easy” and hang out on the balconies and such.

Tuesday is StammTisch night, as usual, so almost all of the Goethe students were there- very fun.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a big group went to the river, it was great to sit in the water and soak up the sun. I got taaaan! But as usual, the sun drains you, so I was quite tired.

I finally made my triumphant return to the “pasta place,” and boy was it worth it. We split tiramisu 4 ways and mmmmm…. Sehr gut.

Again, it was a chill night around the guest house, but a lot of people hung out in Nassim’s room until late-ish.

Today class was class. I kept falling asleep and couldn’t really help it…. =/ Which means I’ll be taking a nap soon. I cooked myself a yummy lunch of broccoli, onions, rice and a little cheese and finally purchased some Nutella! 🙂

Tonight is student night at Kagan, (the club on the 18th floor) so there is a huge group going out there. Should be a great night! (it closes at 5 am! omg!!)

Anyway, sorry this post is so boring. We’re going to Heidelberg this weekend and next weekend is Bad Neustadt (I’m staying with my old host family!!) so that should be pretty fun!

Until next time!

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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