Dreaming of when the morning comes

Hey all. As I have been notified by my mother and father, I have been avoiding my blog, email and Twitter for the past two days- sorry!! I’ve just been quite busy since Tuesday.

Anyway, Tuesday night, after pasta, Ian and I really wanted to go out. We had heard that a lot of people were going to StammTisch, so we joined a group and headed out. A lot of people from Goethe were there and it was all around a pretty great night. Got back late, got up early and was very tired haha. Later that day, I took a three hour nap, but I only meant for it to be an hour. I woke up to Halldor (Thor) banging on my door for another night at the 1,80 Euro pasta place. I had leftovers that night, which was great.

After pasta, Sean, Halldor, Craig (from NYC), Nassim (from Algeria) and Alex (from Greece) went to Palladium where Alex’s program (post doc denistry) was having a bar night. The music was pretty strange- they played a huge range of music from house to American rap, to Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls, to German music, to classic rock, the Fresh Prince song and everything in between haha. I rapped along to Fresh Prince and Nassim laughed at me haha. Another late night…

Then Stephanie and I woke up super early Thursday (we had no class because it was another Catholic holiday) to head out to the Central Europe’s biggest waterfall, Rheinfall and it’s city, Schaffhausen, both in Switzerland. Our friend Paulina from Paraguay was also on the trip, so it was a really good time for all of us. About the waterfall, let’s just say, that it pales in comparison to Niagra. The city is a lot different from Freiburg in a really strange way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on; I like Freiburg better. One thing for sure is that it is a lot more “multi-culti.” Pictures will be uploaded later!…

Went to Kagan last night with Nassim, Ice, Elena (from Russia, pronounces her name almost the same as mine, speaks no English and barely German- hard to communicate), Tyrell and Merril. Kagan is on the 17 floor of a hotel/business building right by the Hauptbonhof. The view of the city was really great, the dance floor was super packed and the music was awesome.

Today, class was class as usual. Went around Freiburg with Halldor as he picked out some soccer shoes and then we went grocery shopping. We cooked our first meal in the common kitchen, as we have realized eating out is getting priiiicey (nice n’ easy spaghetti) then were met by lots of people on the 2nd floor balcony and just chilled. The guest house is really chill right now as a lot of people aren’t back from afternoon class and it seems like a lot of people are still sleeping…

What I realized this week is how amazing it is to meet people from so many different countries here in the guest house/Goethe. Never did I think I would share drinks with people from Iceland, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Spain, USA, Greece and Paraguay (just to name a few) all at the same time. It’s awesome that we can all get along without worrying about politics or differences and we can just enjoy each other’s company. I’m learning so much more than I thought I would and I’m beginning to realize how truly unique this experience is. Never again will I be in such a situation as this! I already almost miss it…

Well, until next time. Which will sooner than “last time” was. Sorry all….

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of when the morning comes”

  1. aaaaaah lainy.so jealous.you international party animal you.i myself am readying for a night of ann arbor's finest- south u bars here i come!!!miss you tons babexo

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