Ich wär’ so gerne Millionär

Sorry, all, it’s been so long since I updated. Anyway, Sunday was completely ruined by the rain. When it is rainy in Freiburg, it doesn’t rain straight through, but rather on and off ALL DAY, so that all plans get ruined. Everyone (that I usually hang out with) was doing homework or reading or bumming, so it was pretty boring and miserable day. So after reading, napping and annoying everyone I know, I decided it would be a good time to make new friends. So I went out on to the balcony to hang out with a bunch of guys that I had sort of met before. I ended up getting made fun of, in a pleasantly hilarious way, because I’m from Michigan, since the guys were all from the East coast and one from Azerbaijan.

Anyway, “Ice”, the guy from Azerbaijan, ended up inviting me to watch a movie with him and his friends. So we’re sitting there watching House Bunny, and the next thing I know, Ice is cutting up strawberries and melting chocolate and drizzling the strawberries. Can you say awesome? Never, ever in his life would any American guy ever, ever do that in front of a bunch of guys friends haha. Anyway, it was a good night.

Next day was my first day of class at 8:30 am. Let me tell you, waking up that early was none too pleasant. But the class is alright. Afterwards, I went around the city with Andrew attempting to get a cell phone, but I only got the SIM card before having to head back to the dorm to settle the bug issue once and for all. After that, I was once again bored and headed out into the city by myself. I walked around, attempted to get a phone, but to no avail. Upon returning to the dorm, I took my homework onto the balcony and was joined by Thor, (which, as always happens when one tries to do homework with a friend, lead to nothing getting done). Of course, it rained again yesterday evening, but we still made it out to O’Kelly’s for trivia night. The evening ended early because we got owned by the multimedia round and we were very sad. I came back and talked to my parents on gchat and finished my homework then put Slumdog Millionaire on, passed out in about two minutes and woke up at the very end haha.

Today has been a great day. Class was alright, but I was quite tired. Afterward, Sean, Thor and I went into the city for some purchases, (books for Sean and Converses for Thor). We got Doeners from the good Doener place (vegetarian yufka doener FTW!) and of course Eis (ice cream) from our favorite ice cream place. It was really hot all day, but of course it is pouring and thunderstorming now…

Tonight, we’re all going to get a huge bowl of pasta for 1,80 and everyone says it’s a great deal.

And that’s about it for me and my life. Hope everyone is doing well!

Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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