Rock me, mama, like a wagon wheel

The rest of yesterday was a very good day. Stephanie and I took a nice walk around the city, pretty much the same tour Andrew gave me, but backward, and got ice cream. Also, I had her take a couple (2) pictures of me around the city, as I have none of myself so far. We saw that the ground around Muensterplatz and Augustinerplatz was littered with 24000 Euro flyers and the Polizei were everyone. We wondered to ourselves what could have happened. As it turns out, there was a huge demonstration for rights of the homeless and, supposedly, one female college student was beat unconscious by the police.

Anyway, we returned from our walk and changed to go out. Most of the people we know were grilling on the grass, so we joined the party. At 11 pm the “Hausmeister” came around and busted up our party, so that was our cue to head out. We found a really cool bar – Shooter Stars – where they have 2 Euro shots, but it was really crowded and hot there, since it was Saturday night and the students are all just coming back from their Pfingstenpause (Pentecost holiday). Then, we went to Agar, a really cool dance club, and got back around 3:30 am.

Today, Stephanie and I rounded up the troops around 1 pm for breakfast (yes, breakfast at 1 pm) and we hit up Uni-Cafe, which is always a success. And now I’m here! We’re planning to finally do the cable car ride up the mountain today. I want to show everyone the Biergarten, but no one is really into that. We’ll see!

Anyway, in the picture I put here (in which I am awkwardly posing), you can see the flyers all over the ground from the demonstration!

Until next time!

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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