Shock me like an electric eel

Class yesterday was so-so as usual, but on Monday we start in the morning with a new teacher. After class, Stephanie and I went to “Uncle Wok”…. Mmm, lecker! It was definitely nap time after dinner. Woke up to find the “pizza party” in full motion, so I joined in on the fun.

Then it was time to get ready and head out to the club… The club was a success! Other people didn’t like it so much, but I really enjoyed myself. The club was called “Jackson Pollock” and it had a Jackson Pollock (imitation?) behind the bar. Silly. And they charged a deposit for the glasses, and if you brought them back you got your 1 Euro back. So my friend Sean was going around picking up random glasses left behind and he actually made money!! It’s funny- nothing gets too bumpin’ around here until 1 am, and bars/clubs don’t really close…. We got home pretty late, around 4 am. Sehr viel Spass.

So then, today, I met Andrew at 1 pm, and he took me around the city. He brought me to the best Doener place (I have to agree) and pointed out all of the good bars. Then, we walked part of the way up a “mountain” to a Biergarten, and the view was lovely! We watched a storm roll in and definitely got caught in it, haha. Then we walked back together, parted ways and I got groceries.

When I got back I Skyped Hilary, which was really fun! I miss her… and everyone else! Now I’m video chatting one-way with my parents because they don’t have a camera, so I’m just talking to my computer. Pretty funny.

Anyway, it’s a pretty chill day, I’d say. About 5:30 now and we’ll be going out again tonight… yay 🙂

Make sure you guys keep checking the Facebook album because I’ll be adding more all the time!

Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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