Let’s sway under the moonlight

Hmmm…. Yesterday…..

Well, I keep not being able to get up early. I wonder why…. But I got up around 10 am and had some breakfast. Stephanie and I went down to school kind of early because she had changed classes and needed new books. Anyway, I enjoy my class – we mostly just speak German and only do a little grammar – but sadly we learned that our class is being liquidated and moved to the morning B 2.3 class (it’s the same level). Sehr traurig (very sad). So I’ll have class from 8:30 am – 1 pm and I guess it’s alright because I’ll then have from 1:30 – 6 pm to do whatever, which is when Stephanie will get out of class and we won’t be doing anything until then anyway. I feel bad leaving Stephanie in the afternoon… Everyone else we know is in the morning. (Ahh, the picture is a view of Freiburg from the top of the Münster cathedral!)

Then after class I got a Doener, which was very satisfying as usual. I also had my first “Mesi-Mix” of the trip, which is coke and orange pop mixed together. Sounds gross, but is actually quite good. We all made a trip to the local “NeuKauf” (the grocery store around the corner) for refreshments and then hung out on the upper balcony. I met many, many new people yesterday and spoke a good bit of German around the Guest House, which is better than usual. A lot of people are studying German here before they start graduate studies in Freiburg or somewhere around Germany. Medicine, dental, and history or philosophy Ph.Ds seem the most popular. Sadly, the most common language is English, because a lot of people are beginners and/or speak better English. But it’s fun.

Around 9 pm, I finally got a hold of Andrew, as he is back in the country! He brought Stephanie, Thor, Sean, Maria and me out to this bar – El.Pi – which was actually really chill and fun. They played all classic rock and I very much enjoyed it. It was so great to see Andrew. I haven’t seen him since….. Christmas break our sophomore year in Janie’s classroom! Haha. Anyway, he’s taking me around the city Saturday and helping me get a cellphone! Yay.
So, today is Friday. Nothing fun has happened yet, but I got myself out of bed so that I could finally upload pictures. 🙂 Tonight, we’re eating at a good Thai place (which smells delicious everytime we walk by) and then going out to a club to dance!! Should be fun.
It’s quite tedius uploading photos to here again after Facebook, so here is the link to my Facebook album for you all to check out (if you so choose): http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2587873&id=2254021&l=6fc4088846. It’s pretty cool. More to come 🙂
Hope all is well back home! Miss you all!
p.s. My mom maintains I have atrocious grammar and spelling, so I will apologize; it is a blog and I usually write these entries very fast so please don’t take offense.
p.p.s. Which reminds me, in my last entry when I said we are going up a “moment” this weekend, I meant a mountain. Which, they really aren’t moutains, just look like they are mountains to us people from Michigan haha.

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