I’m shipping off to Boston

Went again to the Irish Pub (O’Kelly’s) tonight- always a good time. Wednesday nights if 1 Euro shots- we got Jaeger. Yum yum yum!! (I know Dad loves that stuff!)

Since classes started today, everyone has shown up and the common room is super crowded and loud! I hear lots of languages….but no German haha.

So today was our first real day of class. I placed into B 2.2, which is the highest of any of the U of M kids here. Pretty much we just talked in German and the teacher said that we’ll be learning to talk faster and more correct, which is what I need. Thing is, I’m like totally bad at speaking German and everyone in the class is better than me. Also, I’m the only American in my class. Coolness. I understand everything real good but speaking…. Eh. The class is 1:30-6 pm, alright but makes you very tired at about 4 pm.

Nothing new to report really expect that this weekend we’re going up a moment via a cable car (awesome!!!) and then next weekend we’re going to France! Ohhh be jealous! Weekend after that is Berlin and then Bad Neustadt then Basel (Switzerland)! Be jealous againnnnn.

That nice post about the city and dorm and stuff that was promised for today will actually happen tomorrow because now I have an alarm clock and can actually wake up early!

Until then…

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