Baby, we were born to run

A bunch of new people showed up today as class “started” today. Technically, they start tomorrow but today we had to all take a placement test and such. It’s great meeting new people. We drank all of our cheap Aldi beer and bonded about politics, sports, sexuality, German, u.s.w. –> etc.

So today Mark, Sean and I started off with a lovely placement exam and stupid Goethe business. There, we got an important map of Freiburg! Then, we found our way to an excellent “Deutsches Fruehstueck” – Baguettes with “Schinken” (ham), cheese, tomato and butter and a “gekochtes Ei” (hard boiled egg eaten the German way- with the tops sliced off and a spoon!). “Sehr viel Spass”- so much fun! We asked the waitress for directions to the grocery store, which was a little complicated, but we got there! So, we made our way to the Aldi and got some much needed groceries. There, we found everything for CHEAP!!! We got a 6-pack of beer for 2 Euro which is so inexpensive (we had been buying 1/2 liters of beer for 3, 40 Euro). The Aldi was about a 15-20 minute walk from our campus- nothing too bad compared to Ann Arbor- but we found a grocery store closer which was much better (carried brand name products, as opposed to off brand @ Aldi). Needless to say, it was great!

We also found our way to a nice “Bier Garten auf dem Fluss” (beer garden on the river) and had a beer in the hotttt sun. I tried getting a cell phone, but I’m not sure yet if it is worth it. Maybe I’ll get one tomorrow…

After that, we pretty much just explored the city. It was great. We found the “Stadtzentrum” (city center) and it was just FULL of people! The city is so alive and yet laid back and just all around lovely! I’m really starting to get my way and it’s great to feel like I belong! I’m practicing my German in pieces, but the real work starts tomorrow with classes.

We met a lot of Americans and one Iceland-er (Halldor), which is neat. It’s fun to just drink and bullshit the night away. It is only 11 PM and the night is still young- although I’m the only one who has afternoon classes (starting at 1:30 pm).

Well, I know the bug situation was a huge drama but I got a new mattress and bedding today. Tomorrow I’m going to try and find a bomb and/or bug spray, just to make sure that all of them are out of my room. I’m going to sleep in my bed tonight because I missed having my own bed!!

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll actually find some real quiet time to think about my time here and include a reflexive entry about the city and how I feel, but right now this is all I can give! 🙂

Hope all is well in the US! Love to all!!! 🙂 xoxo ❤

Until next time…

Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

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