Internet: Found!

Well, I figured out how to get internet at my dorm. It’s in the common room area, not my room, though. I tried to find the network from my room, but that didn’t work. So I guess this is just gonna have to do.

There is a guy to my left who is watching movie trailers sans headphones. Annoying.

There are two girls behind me speaking some Asian language. Interesting. Everyone seems to speak there native tongue around the dorm. I guess I don’t blame them; I am also, sadly, avoiding using my German. Then again I’ve only been here like 24 hours, so I’m sure I’ll be talking up a German storm soon. Hopefully. (They just started speaking German, and I must say, Asians speak cute German haha)

Anyway, as my Twitter states, I found bugs in my bed last night. Super cool. Not. This is after I had been sitting in it watching a movie. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do about this problem. I slept on my desk (which is actually quite big and sturdy) and it sucked. I’m not sure if it is something I sound really worry about or not. It could maybe just be the comforter, and the bugs came out on to the bed but who knows. Also, I have yet to find out how to get sheets. Needless to say, this is pretty upsetting. I had planned to wake up at 8 AM to go to the main desk while someone was there to get help (they have funky hours- 8-8:30 AM then 2-6 PM or something), but since I don’t have a clock, I missed that.

So then I decided to head out for some groceries and food but, guess what!? It’s a holiday in Germany so everything is closed. Hopefully some resturants will be open- I need food. But who knows? Germans are weird about these things. At the very least, I’m sure McDonald’s will still be open……

I noticed that Germans smoke a lot more than Americans. Almost every other person I see is smoking, young and old. Which is kind of crazy because they all seem so healthy. And I have seen about 5 cigarette machines, like candy machines, on the street! Them crazy beer-drinkin, cigarette-smokin, bike-ridin Germans.

Speaking of bikes, I want one. Everyone rides one around here and it’ll be more fun than walking. I’ll have to look into that.

Well, as you might sense from this post, things are pretty rough right about now. Really all I want to do is sleep more, but the bed issue is really annoying. It is stressing me out that I can’t figure out anything and no one from the Goethe-Institut is around to help me. Grrrr. Whatever. I’ve only been here 24 hours, and things will get easier. Classes start tomorrow so I’ll meet some people and be able to get people to help me from Goethe.

Until next time…


Author: Alaina

writer + explorer

One thought on “Internet: Found!”

  1. its ok babe… just keep truckin’ alongeverything is going to even itself out.and as far as the bugs go, are you telling me that alaina rose o’brien- master roach killer of the mary markley dishroom- is bothered by a few little insects? i dont believe it!good luck at classes tomorrow! i can’t wait to hear how they go. yay for our edu-ma-cation!

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